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Mar 13, 2012 06:53 PM

Anyone been to Pronti Bistro?

Halp me Hounds! Heading to the Needham area for a meeting tomorrow and plan to stop at Pronti en route. Yea or Nay?

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  1. I went last week after reading good reviews. I only tried a breakfast pronti, it was their specialty Indian breakfast wrap, the "Punjab Nashta, I was not impressed, just a mush of not so great or subtle flavors. I intend to go back and try their Tandoori chicken pronti to give them another chance. My initial impressions are that they may have a difficult time in the location. It's in a difficult and odd spot with little parking; the interior is set up a little like your typical fast-food franchise but they have way too much square footage for what they are doing, in other words, they are probably paying way too much rent for space they don't need. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing, in fairness I need to try something else.

    1. I get take out here for dinner somewhat often. Great owner, and the food is pretty solid. Check it out if you get a chance.

      1. I want to like it more. The food is good and I really like the idea of "make your own sandwich in a tasty Indian wrap." However, the service leaves much to be desired and something has gone wrong every time I've been there. I haven't dropped this place from my rotation due to the food quality, but it's close. I'm rooting for improvement, and will be curious to see how others feel.

        1. I wentonce shortly after they opened. got a delicious wrap--I want to say red fort?--it was a spicy chicken wrap.i got everrything I could on it (glutton). It was delicious. While I waited, I tried samples of a mango lassi-tast- and a realy good gazpacho. They were very nice. I can't say why I haven't been back, other than I'm trying not to be a glutton!

          If my waistlie allowed, I'dgo again now. I recomnd it to anyone who asks aout food in that area.

          Try it!!

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            Well, I'm back and alive to report that it was delish as hell. Got eggplant wrap with spicy chutney, lettuce, and tomato. My sole complaint was that they did not provide a napkin in the takeout bag.

          2. I really like the sandwiches but I agree about service which is usually lacking. Try parking in the back there are a few spots.