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Mar 13, 2012 05:48 PM

Who does Shabbos mode the best?

I have a double wall oven. The top oven is broken again. I am praying that it is not fixable. Which company makes the most reliable Shabbos mode wall oven? How long have you had yours? Has it been efficient?

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  1. Well, I am on my second electric Kitchenaid double wall oven. Last month I thought I would have to replace it but it was repaired. My first one was much more reliable. I would probably not get another Kitchenaid, but both size, price and finish would figure into any replacement.

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    1. re: susiejane

      How is the Shabbos mode? Is it reliable?

      1. re: cappucino

        The Shabbos mode works great, but I have had to replace the computer panel and cooling fans, and a glass door panel.

        1. re: susiejane

          We have a Thermadore double wall oven -was put in 12 years ago & B'H no problems
          The Shabbos mode only closes out the circut board & lights - so the temp can not be altered - We keep items in the oven overnight at 180 - Chulent- Potato kugel even a chicken & beef dish with a sauce -
          It is not prerfect for Yom Tov - Then I keep the Meat oven at 225 -250 & Dairy Oven at 325 - depends on the menus
          It is not like kitchen aid , where the Star K has an endorsement and where it can work on Yom Tov with changing the temp selection

          Whatever you buy get a service contract-

          1. re: caterman

            Thanks. This was informative. I did hear that Kitchen Aid has repair issues.

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              I did have service contracts with both Kitchenaids but now the 5 year contract period is over.
              They did save me much money in repairs Thinking back, I do not think the first one (installed 1991) had a Shabbos mode. .

    2. Funny story, as long as we're on the topic.
      Three or four years ago when I was re-doing the kitchen, I did extensive research on every aspect of the project - it's like I was possessed. In my travels searching the internet I was once on some website where people were discussing the various features of a particular appliance.
      One woman, in the middle of an extensive "discussion" about the features of some oven, finally asked an exasperated question: "But I still don't understand. What is the purpose of having a Sabbath mode that turns off the lights and beeps and sounds of an oven? Why would you want it to be a secret that you're baking?" Clearly not someone even vaguely familiar with Orthodox Jews!
      Anyway, keep in mind that every manufacturer has a different definition of Sabbath mode. To some it's only that there's no automatic shut-off after 12 hours. Others have various ways that you can even change the temperature on Yom Tov. Before you buy anything you should read the Star-K information about appliances.

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      1. re: helou

        Yes. My repairman just told me to read the Star K info and I shall. Too bad he did fix the oven pretty efficiently. He contends that the GE with Shabbos Mode is more reliable.

        1. re: cappucino

          That's what I have (the GE), and I like it a lot. The last time I needed a small repair, I asked the guy (a frum guy, if that is relevant at all), whether I should consider a new oven now that mine is 10 years old, and he said that I should not, that the GE is an excellent oven, and that it's just that the starter occasionally needs to be replaced.