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Mar 13, 2012 05:06 PM

Prime Butcher Baker - Upper East Side NYC

Has anyone tried their food yet? Their Pesach menus just went on line. they look quite CHOW-ish - with very serious prices. Would appreciate hearing what others have thought about their food.


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  1. I've had their pastries, i've ordered their meat, and I've enjoyed some of their prepared foods - i very much enjoy having the opportunity to buy quality goods in a beautiful store. prices reflect the high quality level of their products - try the rocher pastry or the mushroom soup (a personal fave from sister establishment solo) - you won't be sorry.
    ps - how can i see the pesach menus online?

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      Thanks! How would you say they compare to other prepared foods in Manhattan - Kosher Marketplace, etc?
      Here are links to the Pesach menus.

    2. They will be delivering to the Hamptons this summer. There is no recession on the Upper East Side.