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Mar 13, 2012 03:41 PM

Molecular Gastronomy in GTA

I have never really read anything about MG in the GTA and I am surprised with how many good restaurants and variety of offerings in GTA.
Are there any worth dining at?

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  1. Colborne Lane and Acadia do MG type techniques.

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    1. re: hungryabbey

      Agree with Colborne Lane, had a good meal there - nothing mindblowing but some decent MG

      1. re: hungryabbey

        Just read reviews on yelp and one other blog I stumbled upon. Not going to chance it with that much money (Colborne) and Acadia very small portions. May wait for something better on the MG scene to come along.

        1. re: itryalot

          Although Toronto doesn't have any locations with serious MG usage, a couple of our neighbour cities to the south are world class. So maybe you can hit it up next time your on vacation.
          Also, Ottawa has a restaurant called Atelier that uses a fair bit of MG tricks in their dishes.

          1. re: graydyn

            I know. Wen to E by Jose Andres and LOVED it. Going to try his resto in Washington late summer as well as Achatz's one in Chicago if I can win the lottery and get in or buy a ticket.

            1. re: itryalot

              I would just save my money for Chicago if I where you. It's probably the MG capital of North America. I don't know that Toronto is as advanced with it or integrating it into their food as seamlessly as other places.

            2. re: graydyn

              I'll second the Atelier recommendation.

              I went a few years ago while on business in Ottawa (I live in the GTA). I very much enjoyed the meal, it was my first true MG experience and I was just dipping my toes in the water at the time. Not everything was successful, a component of one of the dessert dishes was some sort of tobacco flavoured ice cream that I found, well, not good, at least to me. However, that was the low point, and overall I enjoyed the meal very much. It's $95 for a 12 course tasting menu, and $60 for the wine pairing. He's aping Alinea to be sure(not that I've been, just pictures), from the interior decor to the nondescript exterior. I've been meaning to go back, but I just hasn't worked out - it makes for an expensive night with getting there and the requisite hotel room.

              We went to Chicago last fall just for the food (we like Mexican food), and I would highly recommend going. Alinea isn't cheap, but if you're into that sort of thing, I think it would be worthwhile. We had the chance at a reservation, but I chickened out. I'm kicking myself now, we ended up going to L2O, which ended up costing as much (or more), and we weren't that impressed.

              I know neither recommendation is in the GTA, but I think they're the closest we've got.


            3. re: itryalot

              have to disagree about acadia - i have eaten there twice and not had a problem with portion sizes, except on one main that someone at my table had. it was a tiny little fish dish that was just... miniscule compared to the rest of the tables entrees. either way the restaurant is fantastic

          2. Stopping short of driving to Chicago, NYC or a flight to Spain, You can give 'Yours Truly' a try??!! Its not the 'real' McCoy but the chef did train at Noma and Alinea and a few of the dishes use some MG techniques!

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            1. re: Charles Yu

              And if you don't like it you've only spent $45 pp a rather cheap and cheerful experiment!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Having been in the kitchen at Yours Truly, I don't recall seeing any MG techniques used at all. Although that was a month ago and perhaps there may be new dishes. I did not see any emulsifiers, liquid nitrogen or immersion circulators. It's a very tiny kitchen.

                1. re: sbug206

                  Nope. We were there on Sat and no presentation was even remotely MG.

                  1. re: sbug206

                    Immersion circulating and/or cooking sous-vide isn't molecular gastronomy. Also, the chef from YT didn't train at either Noma or Alinea. He staged. Big difference, but it seems to be lost on the dining population in Toronto on a whole. Just needs to be clarified.

                    1. re: insideman

                      And the stage could have been a day, a week, a month etc....

                      1. re: insideman

                        totally agree, I am a little annoyed with the automatic praise all these food writers give to restaurants just because the chef staiged at a place. It's not that hard to get a staige at noma. I have many friends who have staiged there, doesn't mean their great and tey'll admit it. And also YT is not molecular at all. No place in this city is and thats not a bad thing. Molecular cooking is technique, so many restaurants do use some of these techniques. YT may at times, Splendido does, colborne lane, acadia and others.

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