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Mar 13, 2012 03:23 PM

Lyon Restaurants

Well, following advice from this site i went for dinner chez lea but what a disappointment. Is it really the same place? I am not a great moaner and usually can't be bothered to make a comment on a website but this was so bad i want to protest. We had a very lukewarm welcome ( and I speak French REALLY well so don't sound like a tourist) but there was no warmth and the food seemed to come out of a tin. Asparagus (ok I should have known when I ordered it in March but there was so much hype about seasonal ingredients that I had to investigate), well it was out of a tin and so were the 2 sauces. Main was average; chicken in a vinegar sauce but honestly: I could do it at home for less than the 100 euros I paid for the 2 of us. Also didn't like the bright light and the Grandma decor. I'll go for a run of the mill bouchon next time, thanks,

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  1. I have to agree with you Woofs. I was also disappointed in our meal at Chez Lea. We chose the menu which was not bad ...but what stood out for me was the UNwelcome service. We too speak French (my husband pretty well) so there's no passing it off on language differences - the server was not happy to be there. I found it tired and sad...had a much better time at Bouchon des Filles, a less expensive really fun bouchon with much better food, as well as Chez Paul, a WAY better experience all around (even though I feared a tourist trap.)

    1. I can't say anything about Chez Lea this time because I couldn't get a reservation! My previous experience is that the Lyonnaise salad is the best I have ever had, anywhere, but I DO make the Vinegar chicken better than they do... (sorry Chef Rabatel) -- and it's their recipe!

      Someone had better take notice, because the days of resting on past laurels is over in the restaurant business, thanks to the omnipresence of the internet.

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        that's true CJ - resting on past laurels is dangerous in the age of the internets!. I was so looking forward to our meal at Chez Lea, but they were SO unwelcoming and we had such a negative overall experience that I would never ever go back.