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Mar 13, 2012 03:13 PM

Denver, The Big List

Hello Denver,

How are you doing? I am headed into town this weekend and have been doing some research on the food scene. This was going to be just for me, but I went OCD and decided this might be good to publish.

I very much appreciate feedback, comments, criticisms, etc. This is by no means complete, but my first go around at trying to gauge the food scene in the area.

Good boulder list:
Good Denver list:

Tasty kabob
East African

Best in area:
Frasca in Boulder
My Kitchen in Boulder

My Brothers Bar (JCB burger


Taste of Philly

Chinese (authentic):
East Asia Garden
Ocean Forest Café
China Jade
Lao wang noodle house for Dan Dan Noodle, potstickers and dumplings (amazing). 945 S federal blvd ste d denver co 80219
The Empress

Chinese Dim Sum:
Star Kitchen
Kings Land Seafood Restaurant
SuperStar Asian. (All really good, all carts, all inexpensive. King's Land is the largest)
Heaven Star dim Sum

Bayou Bobs (better)
Café Evangeline

Jimmy & Drews
Yellow Deli

Arada Ethiopian
Abyssinia ethopian
Nile Ethiopian

Z Cuisine

Fat Greek café


Sushi Den
Izakaya Den
Sushi sasa (frontrunner? Has omakase)
Sushi katsu
Sushi Tazu
Sushi Tora (boulder)
Amu (boulder, izakaya)

Seoul bbq
Han kang (Korean bbq)

Star market
H-Mart 2751 South Parker Road, Aurora, CO (303) 745-4592 ‎ •

Mex (authentic):
El Taco de Mexico
Los Carboncitos
Tacos y Salsas
El diablo
(If you travel down Federal Blvd. from 52nd to Evans you will pass dozens and dozens of them. The 38th Ave corridor has lots of choices too, my favorite for carnitas being La Fonda.)

Beatrice and Woodsley
Black Pearl
The Living room

New York pizza
Anthony’s pizzeria
Jersey boys

Royal bakery

Pupusas Sabor Hispano

Thai Basil
Thai Pot
Udon Thai

Ba Le (bahn mi?) 1044 S. Federal Blvd.
New Saigon
Baker's Palace @ 550 S Federal Blvd (bahn mi)
Parallel 17

Viet Pho:
Pho Duy at 945 S. Federal,
Pho Duy at 120th and Main in Broomfield
New Saigon near Federal and Alameda.
Pho Golden on Old Golden Road

Wild Mountain Smokehouse for wings
Woody’s wings
The Piper Inn
Cherry Cricket
Thunderbird burger (xxx wings) out of business?
Golden Flame

For Korean and Vietnamese, head to Aurora, for a great Hawaiian/Japanese market, go to Sakura Square, for Vietnamese and Chinese head to Federal and Alameda, go North on Federal for good Mexican. Greek and more Mexican are on East Colfax. There are a number of Indian, Middle Eastern and African restaurants and markets in Aurora as well.

Z Cuisine, Frasca, The Kitchen, Rioja, Duo, Fruition, TAG, Table 6, Root Down and ChoLon are all top-end restaurants, many with farm to table, local ingredients. (Fruition's chef actually has his own farm outside of town)

A big thank you to the following hounds from whom a lot of this list is taken:

Rlm, LurkerDan, tatamagouche and mynameisterry

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  1. Wow - great job! I too have been researching for a 4 day trip to Denver next month. I would only add to Best in Area Rioja and Euclid Hall - from what I have read. Euclid Hall is a more casual fare sister restaurant to Rioja - a lot of raves for those two.

    Also - Biker Jim's Hot Dogs for exotic hot dogs.

    1. Nice compilation! Agree with the additions from tangerine.

      I wouldn't waste time on Taste of Philly (in my town, the meat is dry, blah fries, just boring)while visiting - Hit a food truck or Biker Jim's instead!

      Boulder- The Buff
      Denver- Snooze (trendy and worth the wait for mix & match eggs benedicts (phenomenal)

      Salvadorean- El Chalate (east on Colfax, interesting drive)

      9th Door- tapas, cocktails
      Thai Food Cart- 16th St Mall
      TAG- only twice for happy hour, love the daily mojito specials and small plates
      Lola- across I-25 (in lo-hi) several times for happy hour, Mexican haute cuisine and drink specials

      Be sure to try tamales, pork green chili and maybe even a taco truck along Federal for those with cars. Fun happy hour spots that I still want to try:
      Linger, Delite, The Lobby and Many More! Dessert spots like D Bar Desserts and Little Man Ice Cream always get missed as I never leave room for dessert.

      1. Great list; there's a lot missing, but that's the nature of this kind of venture - hopefully folks will fill in. A couple of thoughts on favorite places from a Boulderite (hence the emphasis on Boulder places):

        Pizza: Pizzeria Basta and Pizzeria Locale, both in Boulder (neopolitan-style and definitely tops for that kind of pizza in the region)

        Ethiopian: Ras Kassas in Boulder (Ethiopian)

        "Best in Area" (that title's gonna get you in trouble): it's THE Kitchen (not MY Kitchen). Also check out Kitchen Upstairs and Kitchen Next Door (located exactly where you'd imagine), their sister (and lower-priced) restaurants. A new Kitchen is opening in Lodo soon as well.

        French: Le Central in Denver (affordable and good); Mateo in Boulder (higher-end and good)

        Markets: Pacific Ocean Seafood Market, one on South Federal and one in Broomfield (huge pan-Asian markets); Cured in Boulder (handpicked cheeses, charceuterie, bread, coffee, condiments); Marzyk's in Denver (high-end deli/market)

        Mexican (higher end): Centro and Agave, both in Boulder

        Southwestern: Zolo Grill in Boulder

        Seafood: Jax, both in Boulder and Denver (and now Fort Collins)

        Brewpub: Mountain Sun and Southern Sun in Boulder and Vine Street Pub in Denver (all the same owners and beers; decent, affordable pub food but the beer and the laid-back vibe are the real draw)

        Trendy/Misc: SALT, Radda Trattoria, Arugula Ristorante, Bitter Bar (cocktails!), all in Boulder

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        1. re: monopod

          Thanks! Great additions.

          I wanted to add a Japanese Market that I found out about: Pacific Mercantile

          Something else I just thought about, what about steaks? Especially with a good long dry age on them?

        2. indias castle in greenwood village or little india on downing. my favorite ethiopian is abyssinia on east colfax. pho 95 for vietnamese (good strawberry boba) and bakers palace for banh mi and iced viet coffee. hong kong bbq in the same strip mall for chinese, roast pork and duck, and lao wang noodle house for xiao long bao and cold sesame noodles. tacos junior and tacos y salsas for tacos. las tortugas on w alameda for tortas and fresh fruit juices. little saigon market in the far east center for asian groceries and tri-ocean market on so. fed for amazing seafood. the little viet bakeries in far east center (celestial and vinh xuong) for great bread and pastries. buckhorn for steaks and exotic meats. le central for french and angelinas in littleton for italian. anthonys or benny blancos for pizza. rioja for "want to spend lots of money on some great food". cherry cricket for burgers. mezcal for "different" mexican. ya hala grill on colorado and evans for gyro. wild ginger on littleton blvd for thai. the tiny little pupusaria on south federal north of union for good pupusas and carnitas tacos. the tortillaria on so fed and evans for warm, freshly made corn and flour tortillas. tacos rapidos on evans and fed for a colorado burrito and a bucket of horchata at midnight (open 24 hours). trompeau bakery on so. broadway and bates for amazing croissants and bread. and any of the numerous other taco/torta trucks, hole in the wall asian joints and tiny taquerias on south federal. im so lucky to be near federal and hampden cuz we just eat all up and down federal. theres my list! oh and i almost forgot santiagos for a 2 buck bfast burrito, half and half please! : )

          1. is omakase the thing where u let the chef make whatever he wants?

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