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Mar 13, 2012 03:11 PM

Looking for a restaurant in San Diego that has Turnip Greens on their menu!

anyone know of a restaurant in San Diego, CA that has Turnip Greens on their menu?? NOT LOOKING FOR COLLARD GREENS. Looking for Turnip Greens particularly! Anyone information helps, phone numbers, links, addresses needed!

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  1. I'm in South Carolina, and I don't know of any places HERE that serve turnip greens instead of collard greens. Good luck!

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    1. re: UrDaddy

      Ha, in either case you probably have to go to the nearest Cracker Barrel, which serves quite tasty turnip greens! too bad the closest one to SD is in arizona...

      1. re: Bert

        Cracker Barrel. Yikes! From my perspective, that's like recommending Chili's for authentic Mexican cuisine. I'll trust you that it's the best one can hope for "nearby" in Arizona. jdzeppelin may need to just make turnip greens at home.

        I am a native South Carolinian, and I have been eating and cooking that kind of food for my entire life. There isn't much of a distinction in the preparation of turnip greens vs. the preparation of collard greens. The only real difference is that one frequently sees a smattering of finely diced turnips mixed in with the turnip greens. Southerners sometimes mix different greens (turnip, mustard, collard) depending on what is available. Both collard greens and turnip greens have a very strong flavor, but if the greens have gone through at least one frost (or if they have spent an hour or so in the freezer) then they'll be sweeter.

        I recently prepared collard greens using Hugh Acheson's method in his recent cookbook "A New Turn in the South." Acheson's recipe is spot-on. jdzeppelin may want to use that method, and incorporate some diced turnips. Good luck!