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Mar 13, 2012 03:02 PM

March 2012: eating near Brewster on the Cape

Just found out that we are going tomorrow for two days...I've searched and read some recent posts, wondering if there are any updates. thanks.

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  1. Welcome soon...for dinner I would go to Red Pheasant, not far from the Brewster line. My friends love Mahoney's in Orleans. I ate at Starvin Marlin in Brewster. It was good not wow. Guapos on Underpass has great Mexican. Hopkins House if open for baked goods is a choice. In Orleans Jo Mamma's for bagels. Hot Chocolate Sparrow for hot chocolate and sweets..there's a start..enjoy the weather..I am in Bonaire but hear it's amazing..

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      Fin is great on 6A in Dennis. They are open.

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        I second Fin and Red Pheasant. Cafe Al Fresco in Brewster at the Lemon Tree Gallery Shops on 6A has nice unique sandwiches and b'fast options.

    2. thanks to everyone for your fast and helpful responses. Due to our adopted son's rather extreme food issues we had to stick close to the condo this time and mostly ate there, though we did try Starvin Marlin and were quite favorably impressed with the warm duck confit spinach salad. That was unexpected and pleasant for adults wanting some adult food. Son was impressed with his hot dog and the chocolate pudding cake, which adults found far too sweet. Anyway, we will be returning and hope to try out some of your chowish recs next time.

      Any ideas on best places to purchase fish and produce for cooking at home?

      thanks again.

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        Chatham Fish, at The Cornfield on Rt 28.

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          Closer to Brewster there's a fish market at Underpass Road across from El Guapo's. You'll also pass Ferreti's Market which has some veggies and a great butcher/deli.