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Mar 13, 2012 02:59 PM

Costco food costs for 39th anniversary

Instead of 'going out' for dinner on our 39th anniversary, we decided to spend a few bucks on Costco food and do it at home. Here are the products we bought for our dinner for two.

2 lobster tails weighing in at 11 oz. each $27

1 bottle of caparzo 2006 Brunello di Montalcino $29

1 package scallops wrapped in bacon $21

1 Irish cream cheese cake $10

1 package dark chocolate/pomegrante candy $10

with a few other little things this dinner probably cost an even $100.

I may never buy 'all' of these products again, but it was nice to have a reason to buy them.

Next year - dinner out.

Curious, has anyone else done the same thing - whether with BJ's or any other chain store food?

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    1. Congratulations :-) Your menu sounds positively decadent.

      1. Our "special occasion" menus are from Costco because, well, *all* our menus are from Costco. Probably 90% of the food in our house is bought there. If they sold Foie Gras I'd buy that there too.

        We almost never go out for events and occasions and holidays.

        Kudos to you for customizing your menu exactly thew way you want it, and doing it economically as well.

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          I had never seen/known one of the guys who came out of the meat market, who talked with us maybe 10 minutes, knew a lot about wine and started talking another 5 minutes or more to us about wine (we had already purchased the dinner's bottle), and then shook our hands like we were fast-found new friends - what a lot of fun we had - and at Costco! (where we've shopped since 1988).

          Our marriage dinner was in San Francisco, where because we were far from flush with money, husband still remembers the cost - which in today's world would be (by the inflation calendar) over $200. One will never duplicate that experience, of course!

        2. Now the Brunello...that's probably an awesome value, shoulda got a 2nd!