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Mar 13, 2012 02:56 PM

Post wedding meal for 2

My fiancé and I will be flying form the UK to get married in Las Vegas mid October and we are trying to find a restaurant to enjoy a celebratory meal afterwards. We are both Las Vegas virgins and slightly overwhelmed by the choice of some many places to eat, we have no idea where to start. We are looking for a restaurant which is a little bit special from the norm, which is also relaxed and not too stuffy, serving excellent food and is also good value for money. We don't have any dislikes when it comes to food and like most cuisines. We are staying at the Aria hotel and realise there are many restaurants here to choose from. Would these be worth trying? We'd be grateful for any suggestions and welcome any ideas.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Look into "e" inside Jaleo at Cosmopolitan. It's the most special dining experience in Vegas and you'll have a great time. There are only eight seats and everything is plated in front of you. Lots of creative techniques. You get to interact with the chefs and the other diners. Make sure they know it's your wedding dinner.

    Your two-person wedding dinner will suddenly become a celebration for eight.

    1. Sage at Aria is an excellent restaurant - a little bit formal but they are very friendly too. I had the braised oxtail appetizer and a sweetbreads appetizer last time I was there. Also at Aria there is Jelian Serrano and I had a late breakfast there by noshing on the eggs and potato with chorizo sausage - very tasty. If you fancy Thai food, off the strip there is the best Thai restaurant just about anywhere. It is called Lotus of Siam and the prices are reasonable and the people ar efriendly - do NOT try the Thai restaurant at Aria as it pales in comparison. To get to Lotus of Siam you either need to cab it or rent a car - DO NOT walk there. Someone mentioned e by Jose Andres at the Cosmopolitan - and excellent place but at $250/head you may find it pricy - it is a very cosy 8 diner experience that will certainly be memorable and is a wonderful example of molecular cuisine.

      1. The best meal I've eaten in Vegas was at Bartolotta at the Wynn. Mention it's your wedding dinner when you make the reservation and ask for one of the cabanas out by the lake, it'll be romantic and wonderful (although...I wouldn't classify it as good value for money, exactly. Or rather it is, but it's a lot of money)