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Mar 13, 2012 02:13 PM

Try the torrijas in Holy Week

Torrijas are a typical Spanish Easter dessert. Made with slices of 2-or-3-days-old bread, milk, egg, sugar or honey and cinnamon they are very sweet and taste. "La Casa de las Torrijas" (Calle de la Paz 4, next to the Puerta del Sol, Madrid) specializes in torrijas since 1907, a sweet usually associated with Easter time. They also make the less-common, but no less delicious, "wine torrijas".
How to make torrijas:

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  1. That's my fave Spanish dessert. When i was in Madrid late last year I noticed a lot of restaurants had it listed on the menu but did not serve it. I guess it is served only near Easter. What's the significance? The only place I could order it was at Arzabal and I went back to have it again.