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Mar 13, 2012 01:41 PM

Braising larger quantities - reuse liquid?

I like to do things in quantity when I have time and then freeze it (if it freezes well). I bought 4 pork butts. I will need to do them in my pressure cooker separately due to space considerations. My question is do you think I can reuse the liquid? Will it have enough flavor?

I am using onions and garlic (browned first), OJ, Coke, cumin, bay leaves and chipotle peppers. Kind of a Latin American shredded pork.

I shred the pork when done.

I've done individual ones and it came out great. I don't really need the liquid for serving as I use it for nachos, tacos, sandwiches, etc. I guess I need a little to use to reheat it when defrosted.

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  1. l consider braising liquids stocks and reuse frequently, freeze them and hold them. Mine, however, are quite concentrated as that is how l like them and would not save if no flavor prevailed.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      I think I will be okay reusing it. I want some flavor, but nothing drastic. This way I can use it for more applications. If the flavor is too strong, it won't combine as well for some applications.

    2. I almost always reuse braising stock, usually multiple times. It gets richer with each use. My current batch of pot roast broth is now in its 3rd year of reuse/replensihment (I store it air-tight in the freezer till next use).

      1. Enough flavor? The more you use it, the more concentrated and intense the flavor will become!

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        1. re: BKbutcher

          Yes...and no. It will get more flavor from the fat/juices of whatever you are braising. Whatever you start with though as flavor enhancers, will become less and less concentrated as some is being absorbed into the meat.

          Think of it this way. Say you start with an onion. It is obviously to add flavor to the meat so some must be absorbed by the meat. Eventually there will be no onion flavor left.

          1. re: michaeljc70

            I realize that, but the stock/brasing liquid you are left with will be intensely flavored nevertheless. You can always spruce up your liquid with a few fresh ingredients in between braises.

        2. Make enough seasonings (the browned onion/garlic, chipotle, bay leaves, etc), set some aside and add a bit more to each batch as you go.

          1. I'm sure you could reuse the liquid. You may want to defat it and maybe strain the veggies and add more if you think "all the love has been sucked out of them" as Emeril says.