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Mar 13, 2012 01:26 PM

Looking for a place that sells and roasts green coffee beans

When I lived in Tokyo, there was a retail shop that sold green unroasted coffee beans that they would roast to your specifications. Is there anyplace like this in Minneapolis? Southwest is best for me, but open to any suggestions.

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  1. A good first try would be Coffee & Tea Ltd, in Linden Hills, which roasts its own green beans. They may not be able to do custom roasts for you, but might be willing to sell you some green beans to roast yourself.

    1. I saw green coffee beans at Bill's Imported Foods at W. Lake Street & Aldrich Av S in Minneapolis. I don't know if they roast them. I have a co worker that roasts her own coffee using old air popcorn poppers. I understand there is a learning curve to it, but some of the best coffee I've had was handcrafted by her using this method.

      1. Coffee and Tea does a lot of short runs on single source beans, but as far as custom goes, I would guess you can find a roast there without torturing Jim. He's been roasting since way before the first second third fourth waves came rolling in. They will sell green beans for home roasters as will local coops. Sweet Maria (web based business out of Oakland CA) has a great deal of information about equipment, sells beans, and might be the ticket you're looking for.

        1. Paradise Roasters in Ramsey, MN.

          Wonderful coffee roasted to order.

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          1. Ethiopian coffee is made from roasting the green beans right before brewing...I would check out some Ethiopian markets.