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Mar 13, 2012 01:10 PM

Restaurants near E St. Cinema

This is my perpetual restaurant problem: Where to go for dinner and drinks after a movie at E St. Cinema. My friends and I tend to default to Asia 9, Harry's Tap Room, and Clyde's, but I'd love to hear any more interesting suggestions. The criteria are as follows:

Within a few blocks of E St. Cinema.

Can actually get a table for 4-6 people without a reservation, waiting too long, or squishing into a crowded bar a la PS7, Matchbox, Passenger, or Zengo.

Decent food, so not Vapiano, Austin Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, or Gordon Biersch.

Friendly to vegetarians and someone with a shellfish allergy.

Open late on weekends.

Any suggestions to help shake up our routine?

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    1. Jaleo - though there could be a wait.

      1. I go to E Street with my friends all the time. Our usual default place for dinner and drinks after the movie is Central. 4-6 people might be a bit of a wait (it probably would be a better idea to make a reservation since we are usually a smaller group) but you might be able to get in as a drop in if you go around 9-10pm. There are certainly veggie-friendly items on the menu and the drinks are great.

        1. Coco Sala? I love their cocktails and the food is good too, esp the lamb sliders.

          1. Central
            Bistro D'OC