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Mar 13, 2012 12:56 PM

Looking for fun restaurant suggestions in Verona, Italy

Will be in Verona for VinExpo (a wine trade fair) and hear many top restaurants are sold out ... yet looking for FUN restaurants, especially for people watching.

Any/all suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I go to VinItaly in Verona almost every year - hear are my favorite places that you should be able to get in to, however, I do recommend that you do call to make reservations. Usually you can even call and make reservations the same day, but I wouldn't try to "walk-in" anywhere - you'll end up eating a pizza!

    Pasticceria Barini: best coffee in the world, accompanied by amazing pastries

    Osteria Al Carro Armato: typical Veronese

    Osteria dal Cavaliere: great for aperitivo or lunch - be forewarned, service it slooow

    Ristorante al Calmiere: go here for bollito

    Trattoria Giulietta e Romeo: obviously touristy, yes, but the food is good!

    Le Cantine de L'Arena: meat, meat and more meat!

    Ristorante Giovanni Rana: high end pasta from the famous chef