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Looking for fun restaurant suggestions in Verona, Italy

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Will be in Verona for VinExpo (a wine trade fair) and hear many top restaurants are sold out ... yet looking for FUN restaurants, especially for people watching.

Any/all suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I go to VinItaly in Verona almost every year - hear are my favorite places that you should be able to get in to, however, I do recommend that you do call to make reservations. Usually you can even call and make reservations the same day, but I wouldn't try to "walk-in" anywhere - you'll end up eating a pizza!

    Pasticceria Barini: best coffee in the world, accompanied by amazing pastries

    Osteria Al Carro Armato: typical Veronese

    Osteria dal Cavaliere: great for aperitivo or lunch - be forewarned, service it slooow

    Ristorante al Calmiere: go here for bollito

    Trattoria Giulietta e Romeo: obviously touristy, yes, but the food is good!

    Le Cantine de L'Arena: meat, meat and more meat!

    Ristorante Giovanni Rana: high end pasta from the famous chef