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Mar 13, 2012 12:32 PM

Red Bank Flavour

We just discovered Dish! Red Bank has a special for March. Several restaurants are offering special pricing. I think it was Tuesday and Wednesday evening for the month of March.

Last week we went to Dish for a great meal! Appetizer, Entree AND Dessert was $25.!!! It was really good! The portions were quite generous and delicious! There is a special menu for this price. It included chicken, or pasta, or salmon as an entree. I think there were others, but that is all I remember. I had the chicken. It was not quite my taste, but very very well made. My husband ordered the pasta which I loved! He really enjoyed both dishes! For dessert I had a too big chocolate cake which was delicious , and he ordered gellato which I liked even more. The apps were black bean soup and salad both were quite good. A real bargain for a delicious meal. There were several other restaurants on the list, all of which we look forward to trying.

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