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Mar 13, 2012 12:21 PM

Ming Ying Long Branch suggestions please

What do you like from Ming Ying in Long Branch? We are ordering for several people and would really appreciate what others have liked from here. Our friends are saying "whatever" is fine so we are really wide open and looking for ideas. I know what I like, but whatever has me frustrated. I want to please everyone and that is not so easy! Ideas most welcome please!

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  1. Did you search for "Ming Ying" on this board? We tried the dishes recommended in those threads and our personal favorites.

    We enjoyed the spicy shrimp dumplings and volcano beef particularly. It's all usually good to excellent, but as with some local Asian take-out places, we have...once or twice... endured oily, subpar food. The occasional bad day in the kitchen.

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      Nah... ! A search would have been too smart! Thanks fershore, I am learning! A search per your suggestion resulted in great suggestions! We have added Volcano Beef, and Thai fried rice to our list! Much appreciated! I am so addicted to the shrimp dumplings, I never considered the pork or chicken dumplings which I also like... added them too!

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        EL, favorites of ours (in addition to the aforementioned/above) inclulde the Dim Sum, Thai chicken fried rice, the crispy duck, and the filet of fish in garlic sauce.

    2. I haven't had anything from Ming Ying that's much different from any other takeout joint in the area with the exception of their shrimp wontons. I usually go for a noodle soup with the wontons in it.

      1. The shrimp or chicken dumplings and wontons served with hot sesame sauce are good. Much of the rest of the selections suffer a marked lack of seasoning.

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          OK... so we got lots of food from Ming Ying's. The shrimp, and pork dumplings were wonderful. The chicken kinda bland. The roast pork chow fun not so good. Chicken with brocoli no big deal. Volcano beef , thai pork fried rice, thai chicken fried rice were pronounced bland. I forget what else we ordered, but none of it lived up to the shrimp dumplings. We were hooked when we ordered the noodle soups and were looking forward to trying other things with our company. Since it was a mixed group we were happy to order a variety and taste everything. Next time just noodle bowls and shrimp dumplings for us. It is a a half hour to either there or Shanghai Bun for us and we were hoping it would be worth the trip. Thanks for all the great suggestions much appreciated.

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            Yeah I was never sure why NJ hounds like this place so much...IMO it's not a 'hound spot. Well except for the dumplings.