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Mar 13, 2012 12:15 PM

Kosher wine tasting recommendations?

Hi CH Kosher friends--

I am planning a pre-Pesach kosher wine tasting for about 20-30 friends, to show them some of the latest and greatest wines for their sedarim, as well as give them a chance to see how good some of the newer kosher wines are (for a few of the women don't keep kosher). I tried to go to our best kosher wine store (not saying much) but their prices are not good and they won't give me the pre-Pesach sale price because their sale starts four days after my tasting! So my next thought is to turn to you because you are always so helpful.

I am looking for recommendations for maybe 2-3 whites and the same number of reds, plus maybe one bubbly or sweet. Unusual wines are great, but I'd love for them to be easily available online (I usually buy from bc I think their prices are way better).

Mevushal shouldn't be a problem bc I have someone appropriate to pour the wines, but I'd like to know if they're not just to know how many pourers I need.

Thanks SO much!

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  1. get in touch with Torah Academy they have a bookstore and kosher wine shop. call them and ask about the book store and when it is open.

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      Can you comment on the variety and quality of their wines? I have heard that their selection isn't very broad nor is it of the higher-end. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not what I'm looking for for this higher-end event. I know they're only open Tuesday/Thursday nights for a short time late in the evening, and a couple of hours on Sunday. None of those are convenient times, unfortunately.

    2. Why nit contact and get their recommendation and I do agree with you comments about them as well -

      1. For best prices and selection, I'd contact Skyview in Riverdale (who will ship countrywide) or Varietal in Manhassat who has the absolute best prices. That said, any serious retailer will match any published price, so it's worth asking around, especially for a relatively large order. My annual Pessach Buying Guide is coming out on Thursday but in the interim you can use last year's ( as a guide for some top notch suggestions. ping me if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to help out.

        1. I recently attended a Herzog Winery pre-Pesach wine tasting. The ones with the best reviews by the attendees were the Segal Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve and the Teal Lake Shiraz.

          1. I like the Gabriele wines from Italy.

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              Are they the Cantina Gabriele wines? I found this example on


              Any specific varietals you recommend??

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                Yes. Specifically? Pinot Grigio. Chianti. But really I like them all :-)