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Mar 13, 2012 11:23 AM

New Brazilian rodizio opening in Stamford

Coming Soon signs are up in the space below Target on Broad near Washington for something called "Rodizio Grill." It appears to be a chain. Don't know anything else about it beyond the website below:

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  1. It opened on 3/17 and I ate there with some friends this past Sat night. They made next to no changes from the old Houlihan’s layout, which was disappointing. The bar area was not busy but drink service was very, very slow. I guess new opening pains. But the manager ended up recognizing this and stepped in to help.

    I haven’t eating at a Brazilian steakhouse in more then 10 years and that was in Manhattan, but I remember the overall experience being better. I am not a fan of salad bar at a higher end restaurant and this was a main part of the menu. The appetizers that came with the meal were nothing special, just a few fried items. But the meats that came around were good and that I guess is the main point. I felt they should have had some variety of dipping sauces to go with the meats like I have experiences in the past, but that is my personal preference.

    Overall I would give the experience a B. I wouldn’t run back next weekend, but I would go again with others if they wanted to try this type of a place. If it was just my wife and I alone, we wouldn’t go back. I would rather get a good steak or grilled meats some place else. Price was fair for unlimited meats and salad bar. I think $37 per person.

    Looking forward to reading other people’s take on this new restaurant.

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      New place startup blues. They'd better fix them fast. In this economy less than stellar will put you in your grave in a microsecond.

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        Sounds like there's not much reason to prefer this outpost of a chain in Stamford over Copacabana in Portchester. At least so far...

        1. re: SteveSCT

          And as though on cue, CT Eats has its usual publicist hype disguised as an article. The chain's 1st location was in the Brazilian hotbed of Salt Lake City

      2. Saw some food pictures on a local food blogging site and the meats looked pretty dainty (or the gauchos swords are HUGE by comparison!) and not overly appetizing. And these weren't awful cell phone pictures either.

        I walk by the place daily and haven't seen a crowd in there yet, but they've only been open a short time.

        1. Hmm, apparently it's run by the same people who run The Melting Pot in Darien, home of overpriced mediocrity. Doesn't bode well.

          I read CT Bites to find out what's new, then come here and to OmnomCt to get the real story.