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Mar 13, 2012 11:10 AM

Chung Moi Chinese Restaurant ( Kennedy & Eglinton )

I never had a sit down meal at this restaurant as it's far away from my home in Richmond Hill, but I pick up 2-3 containers of Chicken&Shrimp Chow Mein Noodles ( nr 91 on the take out menu ) whenever I'm in the area. The portion given in one container is huge ( 3-4 people can dine on it ) and it comes with a small jar of delicious hot sauce. The taste is out of this world, no other Asian dish can be compared to this one. I always plan to try other items on the menu but I always change my mind when I'm there. As for the price, I must say that it's cheaper than going to MCD. The container of Chicken&Shrimp Chow Mein Noodles comes to aprox. $10 (tax in) .

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  1. The best item on their menu is the Hot and Sour soup....always a winner....

    1. Favourite Hakka spot in the city: the hot and sour soup is the best i have had, and their hakka chow mein, beef with ginger and dry chili shrimps are standout dishes.

      A gem

      1. been going to this place for over 10 years. my favourite on the menu is the diced chicken with cashew nuts. i keep thinking of trying some of the other dishes but always fall back to my favourite

        1. I think this is one of the more underrated Hakka restaurants in Toronto, it's definitely a lot better than Lin Garden which for some reason gets a lot more love on food sites. Like others have posted, the hot and sour soup is really good along with the chili chicken which has a nice spicy kick and the chicken is not covered in fat. The only downside is the woman that owns the place can be really cranky at times.

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            No way I love Teresa! She's the best.

          2. I was actually going to start a new thread about this little place. I've been there probably a half a dozen times over the past few months. As others have suggested, the food here is very good. I have tried their kung pao chicken, manchurian chicken, chilli chicken, satay beef on rice, curry goat on rice and hot and sour soup.

            Out of the bunch, my go to dish has been curry goat and their hot and sour soup. The goat is very well cooked and it's quite tender and has great flavour. The curry is also delicious. As for the soup, it's unlike any other sweet and sour soup I've had in Toronto. It's pretty heavy on the peppery side with strong and well balanced sweet and sour note which I quite enjoy, it's something you have to try it's quite good.

            Very reasonable prices during lunch hours around 7 bucks or so and you get a ton of food.