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Mar 13, 2012 10:28 AM

Ricky P's Orleans Bistro-save the calories

So after reading the rave reviews in all the local newspapers we headed to St. Pete this weekend to give the new Ricky P's Orleans Bistro a try. We ordered a muffalletta, Boudin Balls, Oysters, Crab Cakes and Bread Pudding. The muffalletta was served on Publix French Bread, the meat was standard deli style cold cuts, nothing like a "real" muffalletta. Boudin Balls were ok. Crab Cake were ok. The Bread Pudding was served with "home made rum sauce", in my opinion tasted like Scope, yes, like the mouthwash Scope. The server was really slow, and then once we got our check they had charged us a $1.00 extra for the Bread Pudding and a $1.00 extra for the oysters. I pointed out the mistake to the server, so she then took our check to the back, brought it back out to us and said "they fixed it". They only credited us $1.00, not the full $2.00 that they overcharged us for.

In my opinion, save your money and calories!

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  1. This place sounded like it sucked from the get-go, I appreciate you confirming it!!!

    1. I disagree. Though, I never really thought muffallettas anywhere were that special to begin with, and I will agree the boudin balls were just ok, they could use some liver in them as with their dirty rice, then again some people don't like that offal flavor. However i think you should try the place again, since you based your judgement on appetizers and a cold cut sandwich. Their soups are top notch, great corn and crab chowder, and their gumbos have a distinct flavor to each of them that are both really good. I tried their version of the 'mothers' roast beef po-boy and i wasn't that impressed, i think their regular roast beef po-boy was better and their soft shell crab po-boy was much better than both of those. There is still a whole lot on the menu I am eager to try like the jambalaya and etoufee. I'm going to keep going back for sure.