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Mar 13, 2012 10:04 AM

Thoughts on these SA spots?

I'll be in SA next week with some colleagues for 4 days and we are trying to finalize our list and make reservations if/where neccessary. We still haven't decided on THE spot for Mexican or Tex-Mex, the choices and lack of consensus on any of them makes my head spin! :)

Here are the few spots on our list as of right now:

* Esquire Tavern
* Dough
* Feast

Any strong opinions or opposition to any of them? I'm of course open to any other thoughts and suggestions you all might have.


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  1. Of those you list, I've only been to Dough. I've been there many times, it's one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. I'd go more often if they took reservations. They have been enlarging their space recently, I don't know if the new part is open yet.

    1. Esquire Tavern has good food but the service is terrible (only go when Jarret is bartending as the other bartenders don't know what the hell they are doing). It's a wonderful looking bar though. Dough is terrific, food marvelous. I love Feast as it has stuff like foie gras that you really can't find in too many restaurants in San Antonio. I think you'll actually enjoy all three of these places as they are so different. That being said I think you'd also like Luke, Biga on the Banks and Citrus.

      1. I wanted to add Cappy's to your list of places to consider. Cappy's is our favorite spot in San Antonio for a nice dinner when we can get a babysitter.

        And don't worry, there is no THE spot for Mexican in San Antonio. There are something like 1200 mexican restaurants in San Antonio and I swear 90% of them (at least) are good. Since moving here about 1 year ago, I have eaten at something like 50 or 60 different Mexican places and have not found anything truly bad at any of them.

        It was actually kind of frustrating because I was trying to find "the best" but no places really stood out as head and shoulders above the rest. Even my favorite places like El Mirasol and La Fiesta are only marginally better than other places. Even my least favorites are only marginally worse and they all have thier dishes that are really good.

        Even the worst players on the PGA tour are pretty awesome and San Antonio is like the PGA tour for Mexican food, lol.

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        1. re: San Antonio Sam

          Ha, love the analogy! Thanks for your input!

        2. Esquire- great drinks (mixologist got props from service is not good. If I was doing drinks downtown I'd opt for Bohanans bar or Zinc.
          Dough-absolutely fabulous and well worth the drive to loop 410. They have expanded their place but might still get crowded on weekends-no reservations taken.
          Feast-great small plates selection,but if I had ONE night in southtown-the Monterey, hands down. If you have several nights....Feast, Azuca, Bliss (brand new but excellent)
          I'd also definitely consider Gwendolyn, and if you don't mind the drive past loop 1604, Sustenio at the Elian Hotel.

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          1. re: Sam Spade

            If you're downtown, I'd also check out the bar at Texas de Brazil. The capirainhas are in a class by themselves

            1. re: rexster314

              Bliss is good, I second that. Also Ocho in the Havana Inn is an overlooked gem, it's a quiet part of the Riverwalk and the food is surprisingly imaginative. As for the Monterey, I want to like it but I don't like the design of the place, it is just not comfortable in my opinion.