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Mar 13, 2012 09:40 AM

Good Drinking Pub/Bar near Paddington [London]

Hi all,

Am meeting a couple of friends next week and am after a good real ale or craft beer pub/bar near Paddington, do such establishments exist? If they happen to do some good eating too then all the better, but the main is quality of beer

Thanks for any help

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  1. The best pub by far is the Victoria up towards Hyde Park and Lancaster Gate Tube.
    It's a proper old fashioned pub with well kept beers and a good landlord.
    It is a Fullers pub though and not sure whether you'd consider that a good thing or not?

    Another good pub for ale is the Chapel on Chapel St, which is a 5 minute walk up Praed St then directly across Edgware Rd onto Chapel St and it is down the end on the right hand side.
    It is all stripped floors and wooden tables. It always has guest beers on sometimes meh sometimes fantastic.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      Excellent, many thanks, looks like great location for what I need. Not usaully the biggest Fullers fan but enjoyed a properly kept pint of London Pride pre christmas, so will give it a go. Hoping to get my craft beer hit at Euston Tap earlier in day if timings allow

      1. re: stanleyk

        The Euston Tap is good but mainly bottled beer iirc and not a great deal of seating inside.
        If you're in the area you may want to consider the Bree Louise about 2 mins from Euston Station.
        Always a large selection of ales on.

        1. re: Paprikaboy

          Thanks PB, may take a look. Happy with bottled beer too, good excuse to hit up some of the great beers coming in from US and Europe that way, aiming to be there by4 or so, so hopefully seating will oblige me

    2. You're a bit far from any of the specialist places; they tend to be clustered more east of paddington. Someone's mentioned the Euston Tap, but that is a couple of miles away. If you are happy to travel a little down the tube line to Euston you could go a bit further to Farringdon and there you have The Craft Beer co on Leather Lane that is one of the best beer places in London, the Gunmakers is also short walk from there and specialises in ale from London (and environs) breweries.