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Buddah Bodai and 2nd Ave. Deli - calling all Chowhounds

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The funniest kosher chow video I've ever seen is called "Frumest iPhone ever." You've all got to watch it.


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  1. Wrong link.

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        Ah, that makes more sense. And yes, I've never eaten at Buddah Bodai, because that hechsher is one of the very few I don't trust, even on a glass of water. (Contact me privately at zev@sero.name if you want to know why.)

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        Oops. Sorry.

        Thank you DeisCane.

      3. It won the Mt. Sinai synagogue annual digital shorts competition on Purim. And that really is Ari's mother.

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          very cute. thank you.

        2. so cute!

          1. That was really funny Adina. Thanks for sharing!