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Mar 13, 2012 08:42 AM

Places to go on St Pattys Day (Food/drink)

What are your recommendations for places to go for St Pattys Day that focus on irish entertainment/food. Will be going out at approx 200pm and located in Lansdale/Ambler/Doylestown area.

thank you in advance


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  1. Your last chance to go to the Shanachie in Ambler (closing at the end of the month.), Opens I believe at seven.Entertainment all day.

    Molly McGuires in Lansdale opens at 9 and will have entertainment throughout the day. You might also check out the Sumney Tavern which is on sumneytown pike right next to Merck. They always have entertainment on St Paddys.

    Blue dog pub in Lansdale has great beer lineup. Not sure about entertainment. There is also on in Chalfont (i prefer that location... ).

    I know Chambers in Doylestown is having entertainment and Irish food.

    Watch out as there are some 5k races that may snarl traffic. Should be done by the time you go out though.

    1. I second the Shanachie! Its such a fun place on St. Patrick's Day, with really good irish food and live music. I'm so sad this will be their last year.

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        First I am hearing about Shanachie. I love that place. What happened, and when is it closing?

        1. re: truffles2

          I am not exactly sure what happened. I believe the place has been sold. If you go to their facebook page you will see the letter they sent out/posted. Gerry and Ed are great people, and I hope its just that they are moving on to do different things with their lives.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Having only been to Shanachie twice I have certainly not been a supporter or even a semi-regular customer. Also my two bad food experiences do not represent a valid sampling of their kitchen.. That being said; I do know many loved the place and I am sorry to see it