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Mar 13, 2012 08:28 AM

beer bars or good beer menus

it's been a while since i've done the rounds for beer, smokeless joes is gone and wvrst surprises me sometimes with what it has.... but what else?

beer bistro
bier markt
the slew of spots around ossington
the new place in kensington.... name escaping me.

who else has a good beer menu these days?

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  1. 'Ces't What' has better list then most pubs IMO.
    Sin & Redemption list also descent.

    1. Smokeless Joe has opened up on a new location on 488 College Street
      Though I have not tried Volo has apparently a selection that rivals Beer Bistro
      La Palette has decent food and an interesting Beer Selection (Mostly Dieu Du Ciel)

      1. The new Kensington bar is Thirsty & Miserable. Haven't been yet, will probably go this Saturday.

        I've been to Rhino once and I think it's a shithole. I had the single worst pint of Grand River Jubilation Ale ever there. It's usually an awesome beer but it was so muted. Rhino needs to clean it's beer lines regularly.

        Castro's in the Beaches. Granite at Mt Pleasant & Eglinton. Victory Cafe (Markham & Bloor). Rebel House (Rosedale). Town Crier (John St), same owners as Sin & Redemption and Village Idiot.

        1. Volo and Beerbistro are in a class of their own, where even beer aficionados can stretch their legs. After that I'd say places like C'est What, the re-opened Smokeless Joe, Rebel House, Victory Cafe, Granite Brewery, Monk's Table, Cloak & Dagger, and The Only are the next best options for beer lovers to try a few new pints. Then places like Magpie, Rhino, Local, Ceili Cottage, Betty's, etc. have a solid selection, but likely nothing a beer fan hasn't seen before.

          When it gets to patio weather -- which might be soon, by the look of things -- Bier Markt (on the Esplanade) and Against The Grain (on the waterfront, by Sugar Beach) are decent choices for a cold one. Likewise Betty's and Rebel House for their backyard patios.

          1. The Crooked Star on Ossington is wonderful. Great local brews and very knowledgeable staff.