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March Madness in the Financial District

Anyone have any suggestions for a place in the financial district to watch the games later this week during the day that has decent food and drink? The North Station bars are a bit too far. Closer to South Station/Downtown Crossing would be better. Thanks.

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  1. Clark's is my usual spot to go watch games. The food is admittedly not great, but they have the best TV setup.

    1. What about the newly opened Slate Bar and Grill? Do they have TVs?

      JA Stats was good for this, but unfortunately, it is closed.

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        If it matters, JA stats reopened under another name. Don't know if it's changed at all- the interior looks identical. The food was never fantastic IMO, but it was slightly better than the rest of the pubby sports bar type places I've tried in the area.

      2. I am in the same boat, needing a place. I am interested in seeing the responses. I was debating Beantown Pub - but they dont really have too much space/tvs

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          Beantown Pub royally blows. Most places that will supply what the OP is requesting, suck. Better to take this query to Yelp or some other site where "just passable" is an OK response.

          Actually I just thought of a place that is OK, but screw that. Pi day is "unhelpful day" for Alcachofa!

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            The Kinsale is a better option than the Beantown.

          2. I wish there was a better answer than my original suggestion of Clark's, but unfortunately it does not exist. Bob D is right that JA Stats was a good option before they closed. They had those TVs mounted on the angled part of the ceiling so you could see them wherever you were seated. You could also try a place like Battery Park. The beer list is a little stronger there as compared to Clark's. The food is pretty miserable, though.

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              A place named Barney Fannings has replaced JA Stats. I peered into the windows yesterday and the set up appears to be identical as Stats. Slate Bar on High St does have TVs and is still under the radar enough that it likely won't be crowded (and the food is pretty good, especially the flat breads).

              One more - the Julep Bar in the old Revolution Rock Bar space. Not a great set up for TV watching but they share a kitchen with Blue Inc. and have pretty tasty bar snacks (the bar tenders, sadly, are an abomination, so stick to bottled beer).

            2. I just had a good corned beef/swiss on grilled rye with nice side of thick cut fries at Four Green Fields... .http://www.fourgreenfields.com/ Kind of an odd location on Washington..in the lobby of 1 Boston Place..directly across from the Devonshire Apts. Big bar with a good beer selection and plenty of TV's. Manager mentioned they have 1 big projection screen that they use for the "big" games

              1. Just thought of this. I've never been, so I have no idea of the TV setup, but it has gotten good reviews for food, esp for a DTX/Financial District bar. JM Curley's.

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                  I just had lunch there and watched some of the Murray State game. They have one big flat screen in the middle of the bar, but that is it for TV. If you want multilpe games etc, its not your place, but if one screen is fine they have great food and beer (haven't tried any cocktails yet). Worth a look.

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                    I like JM Curley's but the TV situation isn't great...single big screen behind the bar.

                  2. Walkedby Side Bar on Bromfield...never been in but looked like they had plenty of TV's

                    Side note..Pizzeria Rico, a few doors away does ok Italian food..not up to Casa Razdora, but also a good source for pizza dough. Thursday only they roast a fresh turkey and do dinners or sandwiches with stuffing, cranberry, gravy. I got there around 11:30 and the counter guy said they weren't ready yet. I asked when and someone in the kitchen yelled back 2 mins. Great sandwich! The only thing missing was a football game or it would have been like Thxgiving.:)

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                      The paninis from Sidebar at lunch are actually pretty decent. I only go when someone claims they're going to attempt the Triple B. It's a beer battered bbq bacon cheeseburger. It's also disgusting, but oddly enjoyable watching someone put down the whole thing.