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Mar 13, 2012 06:55 AM

Need restaurant recos for Garner NC area

We are spending a long weekend in Garner, 4/19/12. I know there is a bounty of chain restaurants--so please help with recommendations for good food as nearby as possible. Fancy…and not! Thank you.

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  1. I don't know of anything particularly great in Garner. A few miles east is Clayton. I've heard that Lucky Chicken (Peruvian) there is very good, and Festejos may have good Mexican there. I haven't been to either. A few miles south of Garner is Stephenson's, where you can get decent eastern NC style BBQ. Then of course just a few miles NW of Garner is Raleigh, where you'd find plenty of good options. Taqueria El Toro is a great place on the south side of the city, but it wouldn't take you long at all to go just a little bit farther to downtown Raleigh. You should be able to find plenty of recommendations for downtown Raleigh on other threads.

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      Thank you...These all sound very good. And I will check downtown Raleigh.

    2. This is way down on the pecking order but a classic to Garner, Be sure to eat during the proper hour so that the food is hot and turning over. (Buffet)

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        I'm a fan of Toot n Tell. Always stop there on the way to the beach. The fried chicken is good, there is a nice selection of southern-style veggies and it is one of the few places I know that always has chitlins in the buffet. How authentic is that!

      2. This is another family place to hit when it is hot. If you have a group they can serve Family style bowls in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves.

        I'd lean towards this one.

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          Sounds like a couple of classics...I'm going well prepared (and hungry), thank you!