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Mar 13, 2012 01:10 AM

Chicken thighs, the kidneys, and oysters.

If you ain't yet 'et to the salience of kidneys
thumb-peeled from the trough next to backbone
of interior of a chicken thigh
Mayhaps you are missin' some ecstasy from eatin'.

Flip thigh to exterior,
still close to backbone,
and you'll find you the "oyster",
rounded disc, so delicious, best of the dark meat.

Both snugged to spine,
where just might expect them.
Kidneys sublime,
Oysters Divine.

My first of encounters
Were with thighs from the Colonel
But now do experience them
at a lunchplace of Thai

They are good with their cleavers
as they whack the thigh close to that exquisite backbone
Using full meat for the rest of their dishes
Yet frying and serving that one inch of the spine,

That harbors the oysters and kidney divine.

Ye who have suckled to kidneys and oysters,
Have you a chorus?

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  1. The best parts of the chicken. :)

    Nice work, FF.

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    1. re: inaplasticcup

      I like the efficency of good cook with sharp cleaver.
      Speaks of good skills in the kitchen.

      In this case, separation of usable meat
      from close the array of the beauty of thigh spine.

      It's a hard cut to make with repeated good accurance.
      Thus I depend on the skills of Thai sisters
      Who lend their mellifluence to their restaurant.
      They float with their customers, from table to kichen.

      Just a single inch thick is their beauty of spine,
      yet laden of kindey and oyster.

      Defined to its succulence.

    2. Those are my secret treats. I don't think DH or the boys know they exist, because they are no longer in the bird by the time the roast chicken gets to the table.