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Mar 13, 2012 12:37 AM

Are there restaurants that indicate Weight Watchers points on their menu

My wife has been watching the Weight Watchers diet for several weeks, It's been working well for her but it has put a stop to dining out (or at least dining out without the use of differential equations). Are there any restaurants in Chicago that indicate Weight Watcher points on their menu selections? If not, any restaurants that give nutricional breakdown on the menus?

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  1. Please don't ban me from the CH boards, but Applebee's does list the WW point values. I believe all "chain" restaurants are required to post at least calories on their menu. Good luck to your wife!

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    1. re: ellenost

      Are there any Applebee outlets in the city?

      1. re: chicgail

        According to their website, they have 2 locations. Since I'm a visitor to Chicago, I don't know in what part of the city they are located.

        1. re: ellenost

          Unless you are going to be on the far west side (it's actually suburban Elmwood Park) or the far south side (Bridgeview) of the city they're not very convenient.

          1. re: chicgail

            The Applebee's at 6656 West Grand Avenue is actually in Chicago (Montclare neighborhood) although their web site makes it almost appear as being in Elmwood Park, which starts at 7200 West Grand. It is in the outlot of a Home Depot store. I have been in that Home Depot store many times but never in the Applebee's. Short of a long haul on the Fullerton or Grand Avenue buses it is not accessible by public transportation from the central business district.

      2. re: ellenost

        Thanks Ellenost. And thanks Applebee's. We don't go to fast food places and generally avoid chain restraurants. Weight Watchers is more than calorie counting. My wife and I have been cooking at home with Weight Watchers recipes and we find most of them quite delicious. But sometimes, you just want to go to a nice restaurant for dinner. What trouble would it be for a high end restaurant to hire a nutritionist to evaluate at least some of their menu items.

        I'm disappointed that you feel that you may be BANNED from the CH boards for mentioning Applebee's. If I go to Applebee's am I officially part of the great unwashed as far as CH is concerned?

        1. re: Mobiusring

          Not to me :-). I was too harsh in my use of the term "banned". I'm from the NYC board where I do see more attitude about chain restaurants. BTW, CH has a board specifically devoted to chain restaurants and stores.

          1. re: ellenost

            The calorie requirement that is in place in NY for chain restaurants is a local law and does not apply in most other markets. Some chains may do it by choice though.

          2. re: Mobiusring

            I did very well on Weight Watchers and ate at many fine restaurants (and the occasional chain). I choose items that were cooked simply and grilled or steamed or roasted and then "guestimated" the points from what I already knew. I also gave myself plenty of berth with the extra weekly points I had.

            Good luck and enjoy.

            1. re: chicgail

              Thanks, Chic. I see you used the word "did". Have you given up on it? She may have to back off a little on her points obsession., She may also have to forget about eating those entres that are more complex with sauces she can't guesstimate.

              1. re: Mobiusring

                I didn't give anything up. That was my point. I lost about 25 lbs in about 4 months. I am not currently following the program, but the extra weekly points allowed me to enjoy a lot of foods at a lot of restaurants. Since I got so much of what I wanted, I never felt deprived.

        2. My mom has done WW for years, and she has an app on her phone that lists points value for food at tons of different restaurants. I suspect it only does chain restaurants, but it is better than nothing if you don't want to make guesses based on listed ingredients.

          1. Protein Bar doesn't have "points", but does have all the calorie info at their stores. Maggiano's lists all the nutritional info on their website.

            1. If you are up to traveling to Schaumburg, check out Seasons 52. Everything on the menu is below 475 calories (this includes appetizers, so you have to choose carefully). It has a really nice seasonal menu, the food is well prepared and doesn't seem like "diet" food. Generous portions. Nutritional info is on their website and I am sure the server can also provide on the fly as it's their "thing". If you have a points calculator, you are all set. Enjoy!

              1. I have been on WW for a bit over 2 years and have lost a bit over 60 lbs. I tend to go to Sushi, Vietnamese restaurants or Middle Eastern places. One of my favorite is Semiramis on Kedzie; they are closed Sundays. What I often do is look the dish up on some of the nutrtition info sites, take an average and then calculate the points. Then I round up. I try to eat out no more than one meal a week. Sushi, btw, is very low in points. Best wishes to your wife.

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                1. re: debbypo

                  Sounds like my tactic. And then I would add points as a cushion "just in case." Sahimi is even lower in points than sushi.