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Mar 12, 2012 07:59 PM

Brunch in Montreal

I'm trying to find a great brunch place in the Old Port or Mile End where I can go with 8 friends and a baby. I'd like to find a place where it's not too loud so we can actually speak to each other. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. I know Lawrence used to do reservations for groups at brunch. You could try there. The big red table at the front holds 12 easily. I'd call well in advance.

    Otherwise Lemeac might work, though can be loud. Also I really liked Omma the last time I was there. The "pancake" is better than some other things on the menu. They'd seat 8 and its always super quiet.

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      I went for brunch at Lemeac last weekend. We had reservations for 10:45am on the Sunday. It was only full to about half capacity and it wasn't loud at all. Might be a different story if you go after 12pm. The service was fantastic and we really enjoyed the food.

    2. Em Cafe on Parc has a big table that you can reserve, and it is very family-friendly. They have high chairs and a spacious bathroom with a changing table. Their food is good, with a nice selection of more traditional brunch items. Lawrence and Lemeac do have better food, but are not very practical with a baby (no changing tables in bathroom, tighter space in Lawrence). I have been to all three with my baby boy, and while they're all very welcoming of babies, Em cafe is the clear winner from that perspective...

      1. I haven't been in quite a while, but L'arrivage restaurant on the top of the Pointe a Calliere museum might fit the bill.