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Mar 12, 2012 07:10 PM

anniversary dinner in DC for vegetarian and meateater

I'm looking for suggestions for a restaurant for an upcoming anniversary dinner. Here is what I'd like

Interesting choices for both vegetarian and meateater.

Romantic atmosphere.

Easily accessible by Metro. We want to have wine with dinner and not have to worry about driving.

Must be able to make a reservation a week or two in advance. The date is coming up. Anyway, I am not one to plan months in advance. (The only exception to this was the two times we went to Inn at Little Washington. Definitely worth it.)

We like most ethnic cuisines except Japanese and Indian.

What do you recommend?

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  1. Corduroy. My girlfriend recently took me there for a celebration and we got the tasting menu. She is vegetarian (not vegan but definitely no fish), but since she called a few days in advance for the reservation despite it not being on the menu the kitchen was happy to do a vegetarian tasting menu. (I should mention mine was definitely NOT vegetarian.)

    And she absolutely loved it (apologies for not remembering exactly what she had). The service was excellent as well.

    And it's not even 5 minutes from the Mt. Vernon/Convention Center Metro stop. (And you can always swing by the Passenger or make reservations at the Columbia Room for pre or after dinner drinks).

    1. If you are willing to spend some money, I would recommend Equinox. It's perfect for a special occasion and they always have vegetarian options, including a vegetarian tasting menu. If you call ahead of time and let them know about your dietary restraints I'm sure they will be able to put something amazing together for you.

      Another option might be Bibiana for delicious Italian cuisine. I've gone here twice with my boyfriend for date nights and we really like it. There are definitely tables that are more intimate/romantic, so make sure to make that special request.

      1. I would recommend Rasika or Dino.

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          Second Corduroy and Equinox.

          Don't agree with Rasika and Dino for this particular post, because 1) OP asked for no Indian, and 2) I love Dino, but it's a busy, loud, bustling place, hardly quiet and romantic.

        2. Obelisk. Just tell them you have one vegetarian when you make the reservation. Be prepared for a lot of food...

          1. Thanks for the input. Just made a reservation at Equinox.

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              Enjoy! It's one of my favorite restaurants in DC...especially for special occasions.