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Mar 12, 2012 07:07 PM

best Chinese restaurant in Houston?

I have some out of town guests coming who love Chinese food, and I'd like to wow them with the best Houston has to offer. The Chronicle named the best Chinese restaurant in the city. Anyone have any input on this?

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  1. Who did they name? I went to one a few years back that they named and thought it was below average. I'm supposed to go to China Garden downtown Friday and will let you know about that one, I hear it's really good.

    1. SinhSinh and TanTan are my standbys, but I recommend Fung's Kitchen for dimsum. I've been enjoying it lately.

      1. I like Fung's for great Peking Duck and a showy splash. Impressive dining room lined with big tanks. China Garden is a nostalgic place, been going there for 20 years, but not too often recently. Very old school American Chinese. I like the crawfish fried rice.

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          A group of us from the gym have been trying to go for a month but something always comes up so I hope we make it this Friday. I've heard about the crawfish fried rice and the lemon chicken so that's what I'll try to start. If I like it (I'm no huge fan of Chinese but there are some places I love like Hong Kong Chef) I'll bring hubby back and try some other things.

          Speaking of Hong Kong Chef, we ate there last week after having to run an errand in Bellaire and it was so delicious. Two of us ate well for about $16.

        2. Mala Sichuan Bistro. Head and shoulders above the rest, I actually think it contends for a best of Houston even unconditionally.

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            Wow, Mala sounds like my kind of place.. If the Dan Dan noodles and Chendu style dumplings are as good as the dishes served up at Sichuan Restaurant in San Antonio,, I'll be a regular! thx for the tip thursby!

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              Dinner at Mala last night! red oil dumplings were spice delicious.. The cumin beef had a unique and tasty flavor.. Service was prompt and friendly, prices good, the restaurant is clean. Already planning my next visit!!

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                back last night, for the Dan Dan Noodles, Malo roasted Tilapia (plucked live from the fish tank) and eggplant w/garlic sauce! Could have made a meal on a bowl of rice/w eggplant it was sooo tasty! Everything was terrific. Will fight the urge to go back tonight!

                1. re: bornie

                  Mala is definitely on my list now. One of my top favs is Peking Cuisine - not in the best neighborhood, but the food is tremendous. The peking duck is a must (call ahead).

                  8332 SW Fwy
                  Houston, TX 77074

          2. I had China Garden today finally. The lemon chicken is probably my favorite Chinese food dish. It was delicious. I'll be going back soon. It is Chinese-American I guess.