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Mar 12, 2012 07:07 PM

Bachelor Party - Assistance.

Small bachelor party embarking on New Orleans for the weekend. Have a good idea of the touristy restaurants, staying on Canal St....any recommendations for can't miss, local flavor food? Also, would love a fine dining recommendation or three....something unique, though...want to stay away from anything we could get back in Washington, DC.

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  1. We need a little more information: when are you coming to town? how many of you? how many lunches, dinners, brunches, breakfasts? what is the budget? Please be specific about the dollar amount you want to spend per person, we don't know what's in your wallet.

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      Sorry....I think the excitement is getting to me.

      7 people. Arriving on Thursday. Staying @ Ritz off of Canal. No budget per se, but probably not going to do fine dining each and every night. Looking for places that can accommodate a small group, but have a lot of local flair. Breakfasts probably won't be too heavily attended...but brunches, lunches, dinners...any recommendations that encompass local flavor with great ambiance.

      1. re: EJA86

        EJ, send me an email at My friends and I have compiled a list of restaurants and bars with recommendations for people going down. Other friends of ours have used the list and loved it. Some friends had every intention of using the list and didn't make it off of Bourbon Street, those were the ones that were there for a bachelor party.

    2. Check the links at the bottom as there have been some good recent discussions on this subject. Also remember that many of the touristy restaurants are touristy because the tourist come to N.O. to eat where the locals eat.

      My favorite restaurants in N.O. are touristy, and God bless you, every one. Your patronage helps my favrorites so that they are still around and I can enjoy them June-September.

      And what is also great is that many of these good restaurants also have good bars.

      1. Galatoire's, don't forget your jackets.