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Mar 12, 2012 06:52 PM

Maple Flakes

Does anyone know where I can get Maple Flakes? I tried Whole Foods but they don't have them.

(Damn I shouldn't keep trying these exotic recipes!)

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  1. I have some Equinox maple flakes at home(got them in Montreal) so I googled them. According to their website they are available at Noah's and the Big Carrot, however Whole Foods is also listed so you may want to call first.
    I'm on a maple kick at the moment, made a gorgeous maple caramel from Martin Picard's cookbook.

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      Noah's does not have them (at 667 Yonge St anyway, even though they are listed) and they told me that they have never carried them. They only have maple sugar (not the same thing - less concentrated). I'll try The Big Carrot, Whole Foods and Bulk Barn next.

    2. They are available at Bulk Barn (not sold in bulk) and they are awesome to cook/bake with. Problem is that they carry them "seasonally". Try the Leslie St location.

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      1. just a bit of an update Planet Organic at 170 Lakeshore Road East port credit Mississauga carries Decacer maple flakes $5.95/bag or grinder with maple flakes $9.95 ea. this is verified as of this posting having seen and handled the product myself.

        1. Pretty sure I saw them @ Pusateri's

          1. I ended up in Montreal in August and had no problem finding them in a food store at the Jean Talon Market. I did email the company and they sent me a list of where to buy them in Toronto.

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