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Xian Famous Foods in Boston-- A conversation with Jason

Great news! On a recent trip to NY, I made sure to visit both the St. Marks and Chinatown locations of Xian Famous Foods http://xianfoods.com/ . At the latter location, I was lucky to see Jason, the person responsible for spreading Xian throughout NYC. Jason informed me that XFF will shortly be opening in Boston; he's looking for a location as we speak. I am excited for this new development in Boston's culinary scene-- its something I miss from NY very much. XFF will also be opening locations, we are told, in other US Cities. But Boston is "one of the first."

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  1. I hope it's close to me in Brookline.

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    1. re: lergnom

      Kendall Square would be so sweet

      1. re: Luther

        Harvard or Porter Squares would be sweeter. Sweetest would be if they could replace the execrable House of Chang at Walden and Concord.

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          Wow! I LOVE House of Chang! They are so accommodating, especially in cooking for those that want incredible gluten free Chinese! But even my non gluten free friends who tend to eat more traditional (and not typically americanized chinese food) have savored meals there too!

    2. This is amazing news! Truly one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in America. I'm not sure I need to be close to those spicy noodles with lamb, but I'll cope :).

      1. Oh my, you've made my heart jump!

        1. great food and very cheap, too.

            1. Tell Jason to check out the site in Central Square where Floating Rock just closed.

              Actually, what I think would be great for that space would be a mini-Asian food court like the Super 88 one in Allston.

              Xian could have a spot, and hey, maybe Floating Rock could have an (affordable) berth as well.

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                Jason said he will not consider a food court due to "food court politics"

                Guy knows a lot more than me about making a successful business, plus Super 88 food court now has One of the Kind, which has amazing Mapo Tofu, Szechuan Fish and I'm sure other things I have yet to taste!!

                One of the Kind
                1095 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02134

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                  I didn't suggest he join Super 88. Please re-read my post.

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                  My recollection is that it was revealed in a Cambridge hearing that Floating Rock was booted when they were because the landlord already had another restaurant tenant on deck. There was speculation that this was some big chain but I can't recall if there was any real evidence.

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                    No to the old Floating Rock space....Yoki (the sushi place in Medford) has claimed it. Big banner in the window.

                  2. I want you all to know that on a visit to New York today, I went down to Flushing and had those spicy cumin-lamb noodles and a lamb burger at Xi'an. Consider it taking two for the team.

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                        you can get Xi'an's in Manhattan without compromising quality IMHO.

                      2. Chelmsford now has Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, where flatbread and hand-pulled noodles are made on the premises. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/841539

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                          I'd hit up Foumami before hitting Gene's again.. but if I was nearby, I definitely would give the noodles a try..

                        2. XFF is NOT planning a brick and mortar expansion to Boston in the immediate future.

                          Sorry to spoil the party... When I emailed Jason to ask for confirmation of this news, he sadly replied that he must have been misunderstood. Further validation that this news is incorrect was also just posted on XFF's facebook page.

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                            WOW! A shout out from Jason. Albeit, not exactly what we wanted to hear.
                            I thank him for clarifying. Now we need to work harder to convince him to reconsider!