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Mar 12, 2012 04:20 PM

Best eats in Buenos Aires

I'll be spending 2 weeks in Buenos Aires and staying in Recoleta in May. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much a vegetarian, but do eat some fish (not shellfish). Are there any really great options for dining? Would like some suggestions for really nice Argentinian or even Italian restaurants.

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  1. there are some great places for vegetarians in Colegiales if you're willing to wander out of the center...

    like La Casa de Ohsawa and La Esquina de las Flores in Palermo are veg.

    Sarkis and Hola Luis and Cafe San Juan are just delicious as heck...

    check out my blog for more tips too.

    I miss Bs As.. I'm in Ecuador now wondering what's for dinner.

    1. We have a vegetarían visiting now, so I'm fresh on this!
      Baraka in Palermo is a must stop, fresh, delicious, inventive, many veg options.
      Territorio in San Telmo (USA & Bolivar) has great salads. And for great fresh filled pastas, try Salgado Alimentos in Villa Crespo. Also Mamma Rossa in Villa crespo is top notch Family style Italian in a traditional argentine bodegón setting. Have fun!

      1. I am on extended stay in BsAs -- here are a few favorites:

        Spring Vegetarian - best lunch buffet for fresh veggies

        Casa Mun - best sushi (without creme cheese) + Asian fusion cuisine