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Mar 12, 2012 03:56 PM

Sprouts mergers with Sunflower

This totally blows. Sun Harvest at Brodie Oaks went to hell when Sprouts bought them, and now they're going to ruin Newflower/Sunflower for us, too. Glad I got my bottle of Bob's Big Boy Roquefort Dressing for $3.99 at Sunflower yesterday since sprouts doesn't carry it any more (probably why it was on sale - to get it off the shelves).

And A bunch of other brands/items that I could only get at Sun harvest and Sunflower will now be history.

Seems like just yesterday that we had all sorts of specialty grocery options.

"Prices may get even better" is a total lie. Sun Harvests prices went up 15-50% on some things.
Total BS.

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  1. There was another thread some time back about Sprouts closing most of it's stores which unfortunately for the confused consumer, did not happen. I understand and feel your pain. Now that HEB has driven Albertsons out of Texas we are left with Randal's who are incredibly proud of their good, just look at the prices. Heb who knows they're the only game in town. Then you have the "Whole Foods" and their rip-off wanna be's. Sucks to be us.

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    1. re: ericthered

      No, they did close most of the stores. They bought up Sun Harvest, closed the stores on Anderson and Brodie and possibly Rollingwood, too. The former Sun Harvest at Lamar/290 now sucks. of course they probably did this with the Newflower/Sunflower purchase in mind, so I wonder if the Manchaca store will stay open.

    2. We must,must, must!!!!! email Trader Joe's and get them to open here. If you don't know of it, it's an awesome very well priced grocery store. Check it out and email them to come here! They are opening in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston,

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      1. re: rhubarb

        I have to agree with rhubarb. Got used to shopping there in Ventura county and neither spouts or whole foods compares.

        1. re: rhubarb

          yummm, Trader Joe's! Can't get them here soon enough!

          1. re: rhubarb

            From what I hear from my friends in San Jose/South Bay area, TJ's is not as good as it used to be when I lived there (1990-2000). I thought we were already getting one. I get mixed up between my yuppified chains. Maybe I'm thinking I&O.


            1. re: sqwertz

              I don't know...I've visited various Trader Joe's stores while travelling over the last few years, and for the most part it still seems to be the same old Trader Joe's I shopped at weekly throughout the '90s and early '00s.

              There's been no official announcement about an Austin location yet, but they've advertised the fact that they'll be hiring in San Antonio in the near future, and Austin can't be far behind, in my opinion.

              1. re: hlk

                I've noticed that the Trader Joe's, at least in Minnesota, have gotten more expensive over the few years since they've opened there. They still sell the same stuff - and it's an interesting, yet limited collection of usually decent quality products, but I still have this sneaking suspicion (no proof, though) that when they first come into a market, they lower their prices somewhat to "hook" the consumers - get them in the habit of shopping there because they're cheap - and then slowly raise the prices. I swear the same thing happened when they moved into the Chicago area 10-12 years ago.

                Of course, this may all be due to general inflation, and Trader Joe's is still, pricewise, a step or two lower than "gourmet" stores, and there are still some things that I'll make a special trip to buy there - good deals on olive oil, maple syrup, some of the frozen meals - but other items have been priced out of my cheapskate price range.

          2. Merge? Does one say that the coyote "merges" with the rabbit?

            Seriously, from what little I can see and lament in terms of closed stores, (Sun Harvest), Sprouts simply buys competitors and closes them. They serve no more areas or customers.

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            1. re: akachochin

              Wouldn't it be cute if the gang of hooligans from Hole Foods (pun intended) did that to sprouts.

              1. re: ericthered

                I'ce been spelling Hole Foods that way for 10 years. I didn't like the term "Whole Paycheck". My term refers to what's left in your pocket when you leave :-)

                1. re: sqwertz

                  I wish, though, that I had invested many of my "Whole Paychecks" into their stock about 10 years ago...