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Mar 12, 2012 03:56 PM


Can anybody tell us what is going on at Larkins in Eagle Rock? We went there about two weeks ago on a Wednesday night and everything was off: the chicken was way overcooked and had sweet breading unlike anything they've had before, they were out of greens and cole slaw (! How can you run out of cole slaw???), the fried okra was greasy, and the red beans were UNDERcooked. Did we just hit a bad night with amateur cooks, or has something fundamental happened, e.g., new owners?

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  1. that doesn't sound good. we have never been to Larkins even having passed it a zillion times mostly due to friends who say it's not anything worth trying out which seems like a bummer b/c the space seems cool and the food sounds good on paper. sorry to hear that you agree with these folks who told me not to bother going :(

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      We have had very nice breakfasts there, and their fried chicken used to be reliable. That's why we wonder if something has happened, and the original owners/managers aren't there anymore?

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        I think the simple phrase "downhill alert" sums it up. It happens to the best of 'em. And Larkin wasn't even the best at much of anything.

    2. It seem's they've been on some sort of death watch for a while now. First there was a rumor that their ABC license might be withdrawn:

      Then that their other, recently closed venture Mac and Cheeza was going to reopen inside Larkin's:

      I don't know anything more than I've read online though.

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      1. re: Peripatetic

        Wow, thanks for that, Peripatetic. I thought we must just be out of the loop on this one. Oh, well, another one bites the dust. I will miss a nice place in the area to get good fried chicken.

        1. re: ErikaEsau

          I'd actually be interested in hearing others chime in on this before we write larkin's off. I never liked mac and cheeza, they had problems with their lease and it just wasn't a good location, nor the right concept, imho.
          But I've always liked larkin's, fried chicken, the mac and cheese, a few of the sides. All we have as evidence so far on this thread is a bad experience two weeks ago, someone chiming in who has never been there and some speculations on the la eater blog about liquor license problems from almost a year ago. I'd be interested in hearing from others who have been there recently...

          1. re: nlk

            Good idea, nlk. Have you eaten there lately? Does anyone out there have any recent scoop on this?

            1. re: nlk

              > I'd actually be interested in hearing others chime in on this

              Agreed. I was just relaying the snippets of info I'd come across. I haven't been there in some time.

              1. re: Peripatetic

                Peripatetic, I thot this was very helpful and enlightening. From our interaction there a few weeks ago, I got the impression some new young chef had somehow taken over, and was very defensive about everything. That's what made us wonder what was going onb--the vibe was tense.

                1. re: ErikaEsau

                  Ate there a few weeks ago and it seemed the same as ever. Also had the Mac n Cheeza takeout, which was fine.