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Mar 12, 2012 03:35 PM

Ginger Beer in Calgary?

I'm wondering if anybody knows a good place to buy good ginger beer in town?

I'm throwing a party with a signature cocktail and I'm going to need a fair bit of it. Currently the only place I remember seeing it is in the tiny bottles in the international isle at Superstore.

Anybody know where I might find 2 litre bottles or at least a case of it at a reasonable price?

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  1. The Grizzly Paw in Canmore makes their own. Sunterra carries some brand. I'm also sure I saw some the other day at Co-op Midtown.

    1. spruce beer can refer to actual beer with alcohol, or soda pop - which are you looking for?

      If you're looking for the soda, they sell it in cans at Alberta King of Subs. Can't help with actual beer though, sorry!

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        LOL, i'm sorry, how did I get "spruce beer" from "ginger beer." anyhow, i'm an idiot, sorry about that!

      2. Superstore has a store-brand version of Ginger Beer. I picked up a bottle at the Deerfoot Meadows one, mixed in with half a dozen other kinds of soda on a pallet by the Milk. They may have found a more permanent location for it... Certainly not my favourite ginger beer, but it may be sufficient for mixed drinks.

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          I was going to mention the PC ginger beer too! pretty much the only one i've seen in the 2L size.

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            Oh yeah, thanks for adding that. I forgot to mention that it was in fact a 2L bottle. I think it was listed as "Jamaican Style", if I remember correctly.

        2. Joycee's Caribbean Foods in Bridgeland carries the Grace brand of Ginger beer. I have also seen ginger beer at Co-op in the 'Ethnic" aisle (West Springs).

          1. Cookbook Co. Cooks has a few varieties. I am partial to Grizzly Paw though.