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Mar 12, 2012 07:59 AM

Recipe for Halifax donairs (split from Ontario board)

Would you mind sharing your favourite recipe? I miss donairs in halifax...

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  1. Sure, here is a link, hopefully I am not going too far off topic. It is from the Trailer Park Boys website. The boys like donairs too, surprise surprise.
    They suggest 20 minutes of kneading to toughen up the donair meat. Hope you have a good mixer! I cut the recipe in half when I make them and I skip the cayenne pepper too. It really is key to soften the pita by dipping them water and then frying. I use Pita Delight pitas.

    1. Ingredients look about right, but haven't tried this. Was forwarded to me from an East Coast friend ages ago and haven't gotten around to making it.