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Mar 12, 2012 03:12 PM

ISO: Newfoundland Savoury

Growing up with a Newfie parent, chickens and turkeys were always seasoned with savoury, an herb from Newfoundland that sort of looks like rosemary but has a completely different flavor. I've never seen it for sale outside Newfoundland/Cape Breton, but would LOVE to get my hands on some. I've tried ordering it off and it was terrible, full of hard stalks and hardly edible.

Has anyone any idea of where you can buy savoury in the GTA? It would be awesome if it were the Mt. Scio brand that you get in Newfoundland, but really anything would do.

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  1. Look for Summer Savoury. It's technically the same plant but I know some will say it's just not the same as Newfoundland Savoury. :)

    1. Sobeys carries Mt. Scio in various sizes.

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        Which one? I haven't been able to find it in ages.

        I didn't realize it was from Newfoundland. Interesting.

        1. re: jammy

          Yes - please share which Sobeys! I know that some Sobeys out east carry it, but I've never seen it in a store outside the Atlantic provinces.

          1. re: chowyp

            The Sobeys at Mayfield & Hurontario has a lot of Newfoundland products (and I reckon the other Brampton area Sobeys do as well).

          2. re: jammy

            I would love to know this too! Being a Newfie living in Toronto I usually either get it mailed up from my folks, or buy it when I'm home. It is one thing I can't live without in my kitchen!

            Another options is to check out one of what I call 'the newfie stores' around the city.

            The Fisherman's Merchant located at St. Clair and Vic Park may have it (can't recall if Savory in particular, but they carry all NF products that you can't get anywhere else)

            1. re: Kassi22

              I emailed Sobeys this morning to find out which Toronto locations carry it. I shop at the Hwy 400 Barrie Sobeys, which also carries Purity biscuits, salt fish, salt back fat and brined beef.

              I'll report back when Sobeys lets me know. If you need it now (lol, when it comes to food, the sooner the better), give your local store a call. I've always found their customer service (Barrie, anyway) to be very helpful.

              1. re: Kassi22

                Just called Seaport Merchants (1101 Victoria Park) and the nice lady said they carry savoury. Phone number is 416-755-9960 and they are at Vic Park and St. Clair.


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                  I swear it used to be called the Fisherman's Merchant!! But alas, I checked Google street view, I'm mistaken. Its Seaport Merchants. Love this place. The Lady and man that work there are the nicest people.

            2. I bought a savoury plant last year and grew it in a pot all summer. Easy, inexpensive and available fresh any time you want it!

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                It is easy to grow from seed. Richter's has summer and winter savory, but I suspect OP is used to the perennial winter variety, which is strong and woody.


                There is an unusual but unctuous soup made by Mennonites, with chicken feet, and handfuls of savory. Has to be strained before serving!

              2. If you're ever in Cambridge you have to visit Stoyles - savoury and amazing Chips Dressing & Gravy. They also carry a lot of additional Newfoundland products not found in the local grocery stores, which carry a large selection themselves.

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                  Thanks for the tip.

                  For those of you who were wondering, Sobeys has not answered my email. It looks like people will have to call stores nearby for savory.

                  1. re: jammy

                    There's a place called Little Taste of Home, 2917 Lake Shore Blvd.W. at Islington & they carry it.

                2. if your from the durham area or close too the courtice flea market is the place to go. mt.scio farm brand.the most popular brand with east coaster ENJOY!!!