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Mar 12, 2012 02:23 PM

Authentic Mexican in Nashville

Are there any food trucks or restaurants in Nashville that serves authentic Mexican? If so, which ones?

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  1. That's a topic where you're going to get some differing opinions. There's a lot of Mexican food in town, and most are in restaurants run by Mexicans. However a lot of it is that generic Mexican you can get anywhere.

    I can't give you specific recommendations because I haven't done a thorough exploration myself. There are a lot of mobile food trucks in town, but none that I know of that are "authentic Mexican," although Mas Tacos Por Favor is very popular. Along the Nolensville Rd corridor, from Thompson Lane down to Old Hickory, are a TON of little hole-in-the-wall joints, mercados, permanently-parked trucks, and the like. Take a detour east on Harding and you'll see a few, too, including a carcineria that usually has a couple of big grills going outside. La Hacienda on the north end of this corridor used to be the go-to spot, but it's gotten more mixed reviews the last few years. Las Americas is actually Salvadoran but is usually mentioned by local foodies. I've also heard good things about El Tapatio and Tacos Y Mariscos Lopez.

    Happy hunting, report back.

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      serious eats did a round of up of some of the Nashville taco trucks.

      My favorite Mexican place would have to be El Tapatio on Nolensville close to the zoo. This is the place where the Mexicans go eat. They have a menu in English and Spanish and most of the servers speak enough English to help you out.

      I've heard great things about the taco truck parked in the K&S lot on Nolensville...I've yet to try it myself.

      La Hacienda serves barbacoa, goat, and menudo on the weekends if you're searching for that. Otherwise, the food is pretty standard generic Mexican.

      San Luis on the corner of Harding & Linbar is another good choice. They're opening a second location on Nolensville right across the street from La Hacienda.

      1. re: pete k

        Thanks pete k. El Tapatio and La Hacienda both look interesting. I am leaning towards trying El Tapatio because people said there are smokers outside cooking meat and there is a Spanish menu which means that real Mexican people eat there. Thanks for the recommendations.

      2. re: TLF

        Thanks TLF. I'm leaning towards trying El Tapatio since they have a Spanish menu and I read there are smokers outside. Thanks for your recommendations.

        1. re: manhong

          Usually on the weekends, they cook the al pastor on a spinning rotisserie like it's cooked traditionally in Mexico. I love their tortas which they serve with pickled veggies.

      3. Tapatio is good.

        I'm also a fan of Fogatas, which is in the Lowe's shopping center at the intersection of Nolensville Rd and Old Hickory Blvd. I'm always the only gringo eating there. Very expansive menu, and everything I've had there has been great.

        1. Along the lines of the general question regarding authentic Mexican food, all of the menus in town seem to be replicas of each other. Anyone know of a resto hat serves a good mole? I've never even seen in it in Nashville yet!