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Mar 12, 2012 12:42 PM

ISO organic yogurt in a multipack

hi hounds,

i was dismayed to find out that stonyfield organic yogurt has been discontinued in canada. i've been buying that stuff for several years and fell in love with the taste/quality/flavours/etc. hubby and i would normally take one or two containers to work in our lunch bags each day. now, the search is on for another organic yogurt that also comes in a multipack.

i've tried the liberte organic yogurts and they're good ... but it's an expensive habit to buy each container individually.

any recos?


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  1. I saw 12-packs of Liberte nonfat organic yogurts at the Costco near Yorkdale mall: 4 blueberry, 4 strawberry, and 4 something else, maybe blackberry? I think the price was $11 and some change. Still on the expensive side, but I'm pretty sure that these were bigger than those little peel-top minis.

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    1. re: butterTO

      oooh, i will have to look for this next time i'm at costco. like truffles, i thought it was regular and not organic. thanks!

      1. re: lilaki

        You might be right -- I assumed that it was organic, but now that I think about it, it might not have been... If you're there anyway it's worth checking, but Truffles' suggestion is probably the way to go.

    2. Liberte organic comes in an 8 pak - I've bought it at both Metro & Loblaws. I think it's about $5.99

      Hadn't noticed the organic version at Costco - only the regular. Will have to check that out.

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      1. re: Truffles

        okay, i will check out loblaws this weekend for the 8 pack! i don't recall seeing it last week ... i saw the individual containers but i'll take another look. thanks!

        1. re: lilaki

          i've picked up the 8-pack at fiesta farms too. i don't remember the price, though.

      2. It's not a pack, but there's a local brand called Zaika that makes 650g tubs of yoghurt. It's certified organic, unhomogenised whole milk, so that's about as good as it gets for commercial cow's yoghurt around here. It'll be available at Indian grocery stores, and I've also gotten it from the Metro in North York. Look for a white container with green letters - Zaika Dahi (yogourt). $2 a tub, can't beat that.

        1. Sad to hear that Stonyfield is no longer available. That and Liberte are my two favourite brands for yogurt. Both tasty, thick and creamy.

          1. i found liberte organic yogurt in a multi-pack at loblaws (raspberry/vanilla, 8 portions). and i also found liberte organic GREEK yogurt in a multi-pack at longos (strawberry and/or blueberry, 4 portions each). flavours are not as extensive as stonyfield but i've tried both the regular and greek yogurts and they are tasty.