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Mar 12, 2012 12:39 PM

Hot Cross Buns

Anyone else out there love them?

The best I have found are at Schubert's on Clement--any other nominees?

Also, I prefer crosses with a lemon gel as opposed to sugar. What is this type of cross made of--I can never find recipes with them--perhaps this a regionalism.

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  1. We go with Schubert's as well. We used to like Draeger's in San Mateo/Menlo Park but something changed in their recipe or preparation.

    1. La Farine in Berkeley (sugar crosses, though).

      1. I miss Schubert's and Boudin's buns. (moved away from SF.) :-(

        1. My 2014 survey has officially begun. Masse's, (Berkeley), source of a favorite in past years, has a tall, shiny bun with a cross of confectioner's sugar with maybe a touch of lemon. The raisins are plump and moist, (golden and regular), the citron is clean and bright. Not too much spice in evidence,but fragrant. Nice balance of sweetness and breadiness-perfect with my cup of Dancing Lady Wedding Black Tea (from Tea Here Now).

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            Today's hot cross bun was from La Farine. Very light bun with some candied fruit and currants. Not much spice, nice lemon flavor in the confectioner's sugar cross. Somehow, the flavor of the candied fruit was not very noticeable. Not too sweet.

            1. re: savvyitaliana

              Tried one this morning from La Farine on Solano. Would not describe this as light, rather coarse and dryish. I like the judicious hand with spicing and the lemony icing. Agree this needs more citron.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Crixa Cakes has the best one I've ever had...

                1. re: donbonus

                  Now you're making me regret I didn't try one from Crixa this season. I thought about asking if any of the attendees for yesterday's East Bay brunch could bring me one! But seven examples were more than enough, next year.

          2. Pilgrim Kitchen on El Camino in Belmont.
            It might still be cash only; they're open on Easter Sunday (gotta get 'em fresh). Great candied peel taste, not dense, cannot remember the gel vs. frosting X however . . .