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Mar 12, 2012 12:32 PM

Restaurant Stakeout

Anyone catch this last night? Hidden cameras in a restaurant recording everything. To me, it seemed staged, looked up the restaurant it covered, it seemed to be a popular, highly rated restaurant concept in Las Vegas (Firefly)

any thoughts? seemed more of like a way to get a restaurant on TV more than anything.

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  1. I saw it and thought that even if it was scripted it is fairly accurate (servers picking food off plates, socializing in front of customers, etc.) The parts that seemed staged all involved the waitress who was eventually fired. The whole napkin throwing altercation was highly dubious.

    1. The original comment has been removed
        1. re: Jstern35

          All reality TV is staged and even scripted. It appears that owners are using the show to drum up business or at least name recognition. Not the best venue for that, but what the hey. At least the show makes clear that they do send people up to create "situations."

      1. Probably unfairly, I didn't even give it a chance, based on the promos. I just couldn't get past that Tony Soprano wannabe. He may indeed be a genius, but it just didn't look at all interesting. It looked completely phony and staged and not at all either entertaining or informative.

        1. The show host annoyingly always has his hands motioning just above the table he is sitting at with every word that comes out of his mouth,lol. What does that accomplish exactly????