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Mar 12, 2012 12:09 PM

Looking for an exhibition kitchen alternative to Boulevard.

HI all,

I am in town for a couple of nights by myself and looking for a restaurant to dine alone in. I often go to Boulevard as I really enjoy sitting at the bar by exhibition kitchen and watching the chefs do their work, but I would prefer try somewhere different, maybe not as stuffy. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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    1. In that general part of town, Wayfare Tavern and Lafitte have counter seating with good views of the action.

      1. Canteen on Sutter Street. Very small place. Reservation needed.

        I presume the new Original Joe's on Washington Square has counter seating as well. Definitely not as stuffy as Boulevard!

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        1. re: DavidT

          The counter at Canteen doesn't have a great view of the stove. This picture gives a good idea:

          The new Original Joe's does:

        2. one market is right near by, but definitelya bit stuffy

          1. thanks for the suggestions so far. What sort of crowd is Old Joe's?

            I am actually not staying in the city and have a rental car, so any part of the city is ok.

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              Original Joe's attracts a mixed crowd. If you have a car and are staying on the peninsula south of SF, you could also check out the counter seating at Joe's of Westlake, on John Daly Blvd. in Daly City. The grill & saute cooks there put on quite a show. Very old-school.


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                If you have a car and like to watch the action, Plum is the only answer. The food is exceptional, the preps are complicated, and there's some amount of actual interaction with the chefs, if it's on the slow side. You'll see every ingredient, every prep, every tweeze from anywhere on the bar. Don't be afraid of the Oakland aspect; it's closer than some parts of SF - and a heck of a lot easier to park.


                (PS. Daniel P isn't seen in the kitchen much any more)

                1. re: bbulkow

                  No need for a car to go to Plum, it's three blocks from BART.