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Mar 12, 2012 12:06 PM

Last minute question - Bull & Last or Trinity? [London]

Not sure I will get a response in time but figured it's worth a try. NY hound in London with reservations at both Bull & Last and Trinity tonight. I'm a student and this is going to be nice meal here (my parents gave me $200 American for my host and I to put toward the meal). Not going to be able to do both as I have only one more night here which is reserved for Tayyabs. They are clearly quite different but I am torn on whether I should go for the Bull & Last as it'd be "more London"? Am I missing out if I don't have a true pub experience while I'm here? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. They're both great, can't go wrong either way. British food extends beyond the pub, and if you have to choose between these 2, you're going to be choosing between 2 categories of modernised British food. The current online version of Trinity's menu seems to have more pan-European elements than Bull and Last's if that's a factor. Trinity had an excellent Beef Wellington but It's not on the menu anymore.

    1. Which is easier to get to? Both are not central so i would let that factor make the decision for me.

      1. Thanks for the replies! We ended up at Trinity. Am actually staying in Kentish Town so Bull & Last would have been closer (a walk) but Trinity was a pretty easy trip down the Northern Line. We each had the current tasting menu although I subbed in the trottters for the cauliflower soup and the chocolate pot with salted caramel ice cream for the dessert and my dining partner subbed in the gnocchi for the mackerel (all good decisions respectively and enabled us to try a little more). We also shared a carafe of the malbec. Wonderful food. I think the trotters (including all the sides which were each perfect) and the halibut (not cooked yet with a perfectly crispy crust and wonderfully balanced monkey's beard) were the highlights although I have to note that the beef (which I don't typically order in restaurants) was incredibly flavorful and tender.

        The service was perfect, they didn't mind our substitutions, including the last minute dessert one. Total bill was 125 pounds.

        Have otherwise hit Brixton market (Limster thanks for all the great posts!) and borough market, the Wolsely for afternoon Tea. Have a res tonight at Tayyabs but have begun to read some posts suggesting Tayyabs is overhyped so may be switching to Needoos. Any opinion on one or the other and any suggestions for what to get? (Maybe this should have gone in a different post...)


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          You're welcome -- did you try the new Mexican looking place next to Kaosarn in Brixton Village?

          The trotters are a signature dish at Trinity, glad you got it. I've overheard waitstaff telling people that it's the only dish that has been on the menu since the beginning. It's also a very rich but balanced dish, and I always loved the long strip of crackling which is both good to look at and eat.