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Mar 12, 2012 11:18 AM

trying to remember Two Paris restaurant names from about 40 years ago!?

Hello, and older hounds out there with a decent memory or perhaps younger with a bit of Parisian restaurant knowledge. I could probably google and find the answer but thought I"d try CH first.

Late 70"s as a 19 year old made my first trip to Europe and Paris etc. At the time quality food was not the main thing on my mind, but this initial trip overseas along with some other travel adventures helped to dramatically change how I looked at and enjoyed food. Had always been interested in wine since growing up in the Napa Valley however in those days the California food movement had not landed up valley.

I remember having a toting around a Europe on $15 a day. Had seen an earlier version at $5. Glad to be rid of guide type books.

Two restaurants in Paris that I cannot remember the name of: 1, I believe was in the Il St Louis area. If I recall it was in a basement no windows, lots and lots of smoke. Picnic type tables. You chose one main like lamb and everything else was included, chacouterie, sides, fromage, dessert. As much bad wine as you wanted. you had to get up and fill your glass from a wooden barrel. At the time thee were locals, not as much of a global travel explosion as these days but still very touristy, kitschy and raucous fun. In the name was something like Nocetres esp?????????

@nd restaurant was I believe in the Montmarte/Pigalle area. We were playing a casual game of football, American flag football on the grass looking towards Les Invalides. We were playing against some local Parisian guys about our age and they invited us to this restaurant where you drank wine out of bebe bottles. Dont remember much about the food or anything else that night.

Made many a trip back since just never to those places, came across an old picture made me wonder the names. No idea if there still around? Anyone

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  1. Trying to relive your youth will lead to all sorts of humiliations. Nos Ancêtres Les Gaulois on the rue Saint Louis en Ile will be one. Au Refuge des Fondues on the rue des Trois Frères will be another.

    1. One may be Nos Encêtres Les Gaulois. It may be closed now. And if you are seen leaving it, chowhound expels you, and its mole at the State Dept will make certain your passport won't be renewed.

      "restaurant where you drank wine out of bebe bottles"

      I think either one of those two gentlemen - Rioyeti or Parnassien - mentioned it recently: Le Refuge des Fondues. -- Do you dare report back?

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        Didn't plan on reliving youth or returning to either if they were still around.. However I do have plenty of disguises so no fear of any moles, state dept or anyone else being able to catch up with me shenanigans . Nos Encetres les Gaulois, yes that is #1, the other Les Refuge des Fondues does not ring a bell but my bell was well rung that evening. Thank you, nostalgia satisfied!

        1. re: mick

          I was guessing Sergeant Recuteur which was, in the 1970's, a "hot spot," at least for some people.