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Mar 12, 2012 10:57 AM

Napa Food Trucks; Crossroad Chicken & Mark's the Spot

We were in the Napa Valley and wanted a quick lunch with good food. I found these somewhere on the www but am not sure where or how but they were excellent. We were there on a Friday so they were parked together in the JV Wine parking lot on the corner of Silverado Hwy and 1st but more on the Hwy side. There were 2 bar tables and no chairs. We were there about 11:15 so could pick either but when we left there was a line so you can take your order to go, eat in the car, or make new friends either way I'd definitely go back if I were in Napa

We had read about the macaroni and cheese from Crossroad Chicken so ordered that first off as an app while going over our options. The mac & cheese was good but not as pungently cheesy as I like so would probably not order again. If you like a classic mac & cheese you will like this one.

I ordered the Cuban pulled pork sandwich, a special from CC, which also included tangerine/cutie slices and some sort of aioli. This was delicious. It came with a mixed green salad that had beets. I took some of the tangerine/cutie slices and mixed them in with the salad and I could have been satisfied with that. The sandwich was served on a wonderful hoagie style roll that was soft but hearty enough to hold up to all the juices and stuffing in the sandwich.

Bonus points to Crossroad Chicken; they serve Fresca, the one and only soft drink I drink and it's run by super friendly brothers.

From Mark's the Spot my husband ordered the Tri-Tip sandwich special. Since I was so engrossed in my own sandwich I have no idea how this tasted other than he loved it. We also ordered the Spinach Salad since I didn't know I was getting a salad with my sandwich. Seriously one of the best salads I've had in along time. I would definitely order this again. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you what it was dressed with but we both couldn't stop eating it.

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  1. Thanks for the great report! Nice to know about cheap lunch options in Napa!

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      La Luna Market & Taqueria was another quick and inexpensive place we wanted to try but we only had one lunch/brunch. It was a beautiful day so we opted for the Food Trucks. I do hope someone tries the Market and posts. I would love to to know about it for my next visit.